Number of undocumented trans immigrants in the U.S. may approach 50,000

johannancteTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — The National Center for Transgender Equality’s (NCTE) new study is reporting higher rates of physical or sexual abuse to undocumented trans workers than to the trans population in general, and they’re also getting short shifted in the workplace — they experience a high rate of employer violation of the time and wage rules or lose their jobs outright.

An exact number of undocumented trans immigrants is elusive due individuals hiding their identities. However, this doesn’t impact the study’s alarming findings over a wide range of conditions, including housing, the workplace and within the immigration system.

The NCTE is urging Congress for immigration reform as a solution to these conditions but admits it’s a ways in the future.


Keep in mind, the abuse and discrimination rate for trans people in general is already woefully high — this study reveals undocumented immigrants face even harsher conditions.

After looking at some of the findings, I noticed the study found that the homeless rate of undocumented transgender immigrants are double that of trans people in general. Along with employment discrimination, this gives further credence for the reason many trans people turn to sex work to survive — they’ve no choice.

NCTE’s new study: “Our Moment for Reform: Immigration and Transgender People”



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  1. Johanna, I hope things work out for you. Unfortunately, the USA is still full of prejudice bigots both in high places of government and management. More so, in the workforce as well..

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