Atlanta area crime watch group on trans sex workers: ‘smelly goats’

mpsa board of directorsTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — While it’s one thing to have a neighborhood watch group to assist local police agencies in keeping neighborhoods safe but it’s another thing to use transphobic fear mongering tactics to rally up group support and a fund-raising tool.

“Trans prostitute gang”, “trannies” and “smelly goats” were terms the Midtown Ponce Security Alliance (MPSA) used in a recent newsletter. Even though the Atlanta police have debunked their claims and opposed their tactics, the group claims they are the reason for the decline of trans sex workers in the area.

A local paper, the Midtown Patch reprinted MPSA’s newsletter article giving the neighborhood watch group’s transphobic fear mongering a wider audience. A local LGBT organization — Project Q Atlanta took the Patch to task for doing that  in an article condemning both the MPSA and the Patch.


My hats off to Project Q Atlanta for bringing this to our attention.

The MPSA has a board of directors — hopefully we can persuade enough of them to back off:

Ed Seeman, Bill Nickles, Jeff Ellis, Peggy Denby, Steve Gower, Don Jones, Michael Floyd and Jim Urbanski.

Midtown Ponce Security Alliance
PO Box 7038. Atlanta, GA 30357

More: [Trigger Warning]

mpsa board of directors


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  1. Hi,
    My name is Ed Seeman and as an ex pornographer AKA Eduardo Cemano (look me up)
    I am definitely not the Ed Seeman you have listed above. I Google my name once and a while to check on new mentions and this site came up. I’m good Friends with Annie Sprinkle, and Georgina Spelvin and knew and photographed several transgender people so PLEASE GET ME OFF THAT LIST.

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