Trans homecoming queen gracefully transcends haters by posing for NOH8

CassidyCambellnoh8THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Following a brutal and very public transphobic rant from the leader of a well-known hate group, transgender homecoming queen Cassidy Lynn Campbell is the latest model for the NOH8 Campaign.

Just over a week ago, Cassidy was elected homecoming queen by the student body of Marina High School in Huntington Beach, CA. In the days following however, a backlash from conservatives attempted to dilute the accomplishment of Cassidy — this included a rant by American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer who publicly belittled 16-year-old Cassidy, by among other things, insisting she was insane.

In the end though, by gracefully participating in this campaign to end hate, she transcends her haters.

The NOH8 Campaign promotes gender equality, along with other social inequalities, through a grass-roots silent visual protest campaign that features subjects with duct tape over their mouths — symbolizing legislation that silence voices. Over 30,000 faces have been collected since the campaign began 4 years ago.

More on Cassidy Lynn Campbell’s quest to become homecoming queen:

Bryan Fischer’s rant:

More on NOH8:



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