LA trans woman slips, then struck by a hit and run driver

uniqueTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — A Los Angeles transgender woman was struck by a driver who fled the scene after she slipped and fell into the street. She was pronounced dead at the scene on Santa Monica Blvd.

The woman was identified as Unique (aka Gorgous Unique Jones) and it was reported she was a fixture in the area. Police believe she was standing at a bus stop when she fell into the path of a car that was unable to stop. The driver is to be charged with hit and run felony when caught.

The LAPD is looking for a grey or white Ford Thunderbird and urges anyone with info to contact them.

According to news reports, the LA area is dealing with a crisis involving hit and run accidents. Up to 14,000 per year according to one source, and another states that only 20% of these drivers are ever caught.


Update – Sept. 28, 2013. According to her Facebook profile, she was using the name Gorgous Unique Jones.


I suspect that in this case, the driver did not know that the person they hit was transgender. While horrific, it’s not a hate crime, nor was she an intentional victim of violence.

Tip of the hat to Jennifer Louise Lopez.

Police Search for Driver in Deadly Hollywood Hit-and-Run | KTLA 5.



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  1. It’s sad when it’s almost refreshing to see a trans person in the news for NOT being a victim of a hate crime…

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