(UPDATE) 13-year-old trans role model urge trans kids to ‘step out of the shadows’

jazz jenningsLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS – Update Aug. 11, 2014. Since the original article of a year ago, trans girl Jazz Jennings has made and posted several videos on YouTube. I urge parents of a trans kid to view the one I am linking to. Many fears will be erased and concerns addressed. For trans kids, Jazz is a great trans role model!


(Original article — Sept 24, 2013): Jazz Jennings, a 12-year-old trans kid who is sharing her story to help other trans kids: “I know people need someone to be a role model and help them along the way.”

Indeed. “I just want to let transkids to know not to be afraid to step out of the shadows. I do whatever I can to help other transkids. I speak a lot, at a lot of places, a lot of big events.

Jazz made these comments while being profiled for the We Are The Youth organization during the recent Philly Trans-Health Conference. Being profiled is nothing new for Jazz — she’s already been featured on national TV news shows, daytime talk and elsewhere.

Jazz’s most profound comment, I thought, was this: “I wouldn’t change myself at all. Being transgender makes me who I am; a strong person, a confident person. Being transgender gives me my personality.


Jazz is giving a huge moral boost to both trans kids and adults. I know there are many trans people who would give anything to be that ‘strong, confident trans person’ right now, never mind as early as age 12.

In a previous article I ran a before and after photo of Jazz. It can be seen here: https://lexiecannes.wordpress.com/2013/06/19/hormone-blockers-safe-for-transgender-kids-says-new-study/

We Are The Youth via BuzzFeed: http://wearetheyouth.org/profiles/jazz-12/#.UkJ1Zj-xXBa

jazz jennings ———–

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  1. I’ve been following Jazz’s various articles and video interviews when she was much younger. I just want to say one thing to her. Jazz, you’re a wonderfully kind gorgeous knockout, and I wish you a fantastic life for the years to come. If you ever come to Connecticut for a lecture, I will sure come and see your presentation.

    • Thanks Brenda, I was late to the Jazz bandwagon — I had only shown a picture of her when I last wrote about her — nothing else. I’m glad others followed closely enough to watch her change into this role model!

  2. Way to go Jazz! You are an inspiration to countless thousands of trans youth – keep up the great work! 🙂


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