Raging transphobe “apologizes” to trans fighter Fallon Fox

fallonfoxTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — UFC fighter Matt Mitrione speaking to the press about fellow fighter, and trans woman, Fallon Fox earlier this year:   “. . . a lying, sick, sociopathic, disgusting freak.”

According to The Bleacher Report however, Mitrione now says he’s sorry. Really? How does one come back from that? “Freak”, “sociopathic?” Seriously, to undo that kind of transphobic rant, we’d need to see a mountain of retribution.

So what was Mitrione’s retribution? This: “I spoke freely and I made a mess. I made a fool of myself. I spoke really poorly and I had to answer for that.”

Now with his suspension over, he’s free to make money again, and has a match coming up soon. This don’t look like no mountain to me.

Fallon Fox has sort of accepted the apology: “He made little mention of transsexual women in his apology. However, he did apologize for his words. So, it’s a very good start. Apology accepted, Matt.”


If Fox has moved on, I suppose that is what we’ll have to do here.

More on Mitrione’s rant: https://lexiecannes.wordpress.com/2013/04/08/ufc-quickly-suspends-transphobic-fighter/

The aftermath: https://lexiecannes.wordpress.com/2013/04/28/transphobic-fighter-matt-mitrione-may-be-off-suspension-ufc-fighter-jon-jones-calls-mitrione-a-scumbag/

Transgender Fighter Fallon Fox Accepts Matt Mitrione’s Apology | Bleacher Report.



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  1. Realizing who signs his paychecks, and why they got pissed at him for what he said. is motive enough to pry out an apology, Likewise, Fallon has to capitulate to accepting his apology in order to put the whole thing into the past and concentrate on future matchup bout schedules given out by the UFC. Well, at least she knows that the UFC stands behind her.

  2. Or she realizes that there is very little to anything to be gained from remaining contentious about Matt acting like a royal asshat. I say good on her for taking the high road and yet making it clear she knows it’s a disingenuous apology at best.

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