Trans worker gets $50,000; firing people on the basis of gender ID or expression may be history

corimccreeryTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Another fired transgender employee wins a discrimination case against a former employer by claiming a violation of  Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

The employer, Don’s Valley Market in Rapid City, S.D., is to pay Cori McCreery $50,000 in a settlement reached between the two parties according to a statement from Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

McCreery was fired in 2010 after she told her employer she would be transitioning on the job. As part of the settlement, Don’s Valley Market is also to issue an apology and letter of recommendation for McCreery.

Lambda Legal’s Transgender Rights Project Director Dru Levasseur: “The days of firing people on the basis of their gender identity or gender expression have passed. “


Indeed. Not only we have the law, but there is now a precedent of trans people winning discrimination cases utilizing it. Human resource departments around the nation will be updating their policies to stay out of legal trouble.

Two months ago I wrote about the first victory:

More about the 1964 Civil Rights Acts and its application to trans workers:

More on the Cori McCreery settlement: Transgender Community Steps Closer to Employment Equality |



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  1. Any time a Transperson is fired, its not about being Transgendered; its about being fired for being a woman or a man. The basis of Title VII is the protection of people based on “SEX”, not the fact that they transitioned. Transitioning is just the vehicle to become that target identity. The fact that she told them SHE was transitioning to be a woman, the fact that her gender expression is now as a WOMAN, and the laws that protect makes any company contemplating on firing anyone from CIS to Transgendered a very unprofitable situation, and could result in even larger monetary fines against a person who discriminates, the company or Both.

  2. I wish it was much more than $50,000 for her. I got a hell of a lot less, and that was only because I threatened to expose my boss to the authorities for being a crook. He was one hell of a bastard. After that, I couldn’t even buy a job anywhere. He screwed me real good.

  3. Thanks for sharing my story Lexie, I sincerely hope that I can offer others a sense of hope.

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