Trans woman found dead in Denton county, Texas

Konyale Madden1THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Friends found the body of Konyale Madden in her home over a week ago in Savannah, Texas. Police believe she was killed a day or two before she was found and they are investigating it as a homicide.

The coroner has yet to release the exact cause of death and no arrests have been made. People with information should contact Sgt. Larry Kish: 940-349-1665.

A funeral has already been held. A tribute video exists and it can be seen here:

There is very little additional information about Madden’s death at this time.

Tip of the hat to Kelli Anne Busey.

Konyale Madden1


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  1. [ad homimem comment deleted by moderator. While all views are welcome, please make it without insulting writers or other posters.]

  2. btw,there was link to her obituary, and she was totally misgendered as male throughout. I still don’t get why families must do that. And and another homicide of another transwoman of color, it’s just jaw-dropping and sickening.

    • The obituary was really hard for me to read because I had known her since high school and she had always been female to me (though she dressed within the school dress code, so some may have perceived her as more androgynous back then). I know that she had a good relationship with her family, though, and I have come to a point of feeling they did their best to love even when they didn’t understand. I would have liked to see the correct gender, but If the gender hadn’t been botched it would be a quite loving tribute. I just read a piece a few days ago about the fire at the UpStairs Lounge in New Orleans in 1973 and the way that some families never claimed their loved one’s remains because of the LGBTQ stigma at the time. Konyale’s family didn’t have to post an obituary or use a recent and beautiful photo of her or list all of their names as people who would miss her. It didn’t quite look like full loving celebration of her femininity to me, but if she felt loved and cherished in life that counts for a lot. So many people don’t get that. I’m inclined to cut the family some slack in their grief. Coming from that town, I wouldn’t even be surprised if someone at the paper had edited the obituary.


  1. Konyale Madden-Transgender Woman Murdered in Denton, TXTransgender In Texas

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