Fired transgender NYC teacher gets victory in court

firedteacherTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Marla Krolikowski sued her former employer, St. Francis Catholic high school in Queens, NY, after they fired her, she claimed, for being transgender. After only one day of testimony, the judge today strongly urged the school to settle with Krolikowski.

According to a report from WABC, the school argued Krolikowski was fired for insubordination. The judge, however, wasn’t buying it.

Judge Duane Hart: “Insubordination after 32 years of teaching? And the insubordination seems to coincide with the expression of being transgender?”

The school had no comment today and Krolikowski said she would not return to her former job as any part of a settlement.


Another huge step forward for trans rights. This is particularly newsworthy because it involves a private school.

I wrote about this incident earlier this year following the firing:

WABC: The Investigators: Victory for transgender former teacher |



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  1. Her settlement will probably only be at the most, two years of pay. I really hope that she can get them for much more, thus setting a precedent for any other NY school system to consider firing any other TG/TS teacher. She should be entitled to a large 7 figure award, because her teaching resume and references are now in the trash, as well as her future career as a teacher. I wish her good luck in her future endeavors. I do know of a TS teacher, who couldn’t get any teaching work until she landed a job teaching a GED course in the prison system to a class of inmates.

  2. I was the first TS teacher in America and one of the first anywhere to transition in place in a school back in 1998. I’m still teaching where I had been for fifteen years at that time. You’d think that the world might have advanced a bit, though, since then…

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