An anti-LGBT Oregon business shuts doors following state’s recent tough stance against discrimination

Aaron_KleingaystarnewsTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Coincidence, perhaps, but a Oregon business that made national news earlier this year when they refused to bake a cake for a lesbian couple, closed its doors to the public following last week’s state-ordered $400,000 trans discrimination payout to transgender patrons of another Oregon business. This is on the heels of their own hit with a state discrimination complaint filed by that lesbian couple last month. The co-owner, Aaron Klein, had told the lesbian couple that they don’t do same-sex marriage.

The business, Sweet Cakes by Melissa, said that they would not be operating a storefront anymore would be changing to an “in home bakery”. According to Willamette Week, the bakery claimed to have an uptick in business following the incident. No explanation as to why closure of the storefront was offered.


This isn’t further information at this time but I don’t think the discrimination claim goes away. In addition, running a business at home likely doesn’t excuse further discrimination.

I’ll follow-up on this as more information becomes known.

More on the $400,000 trans discrimination payout:


WW: Gresham Bakery, Sweet Cakes by Melissa, That Refused Service to Gays Has Closed.



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  1. my name is Kelly Harrison I am a full time trangender person on HRT. I live in Amherst Nova Scotia Canada. I was a victim of a gay bashing at a camp in the woods by 3 men. One man pulled a knife on me and cut my throat and hand bruised my kidneys and sprained my shoulder. In the fight one of the men got hurt bad and they took hem to the hospital. The police were called and before I could call they had me charged for 3 assaults for protecting my self this is not right that they are doing this to me. I have court on September 9th

  2. Kelly, most people are still unaware that you were born like that.
    Make sure your lawyer does understand.

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