Trans murder rate significantly higher than lesbian-gay says new study

TDORTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Of course, if you’re a regular reader of this space, you already knew that. But now, we have more research backing these stats up.

The new study by the Organization of American States (OAS) used as an example one recent month in which 23 transgender people were killed while only 16 lesbian or gay people were killed in the same time period. The area covered in their study consists of all countries in North and South America.

The OAS reported that in the United States, approximately .3 percent of the population consider themselves openly trans, vs 3.5 percent for openly lesbian or gay. After doing a bit of math to factor in the percentage of population numbers, I figure individual trans people are at risk for murder near ten times that of their lesbian or gay friends.

Another thing confirmed by study — Brazil is the most dangerous country by far in all of the Americas, regardless of whether you’re trans or LGB.


What to take away from this? The risk of being killed just for being trans is sky-high and our seemingly preoccupation with transgender deaths serves dual purposes — to educate and to remind ourselves to be safe.


From the OAS:

Further commentary: Transgender People Being Murdered At A Rate Almost 50 Percent Higher Than Lesbians And Gays | The New Civil Rights Movement.



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  1. We face many obstacles and difficulties because of who we are. Prejudice runs deep when you are obviously different. I cant count how many times I have advised people, especially those who are young to live privately and quietly. This also speaks to the matter of passing. It remains a sad and unfair truth that those who pass are safe and those who do not, are not. In my mind it remains the single largest human rights issue we face. Its not much good having a job or being able to marry or change your name and gender if you are not alive to appreciate it.

    Recently in another place there was a discussion of the twitter hashtag some have taken to using – #fuckcispeople. I understand it and this just serves to demonstrate why.

  2. Preoccupied with Trans murder stats? Hell, Yes! We want to stay alive!!

  3. Thanks for the comments! (Yep, we want to stay alive!)

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