Life support disconnected, brutally beaten NYC trans woman dies

linkedinislannettlesTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — A New York City trans woman who was brutally beaten by a man earlier this week, died at a hospital in Harlem following removal of life support after being declared brain-dead.

According to the NYPD, the victim, Islan Nettles, was attacked as she and transgender friends walked past a group of men that began throwing punches and yelling transphobic comments.  The beating occurred right across the street from a police precinct.

The NYPD arrested one man but will not released his identity until they upgrade the charges from assault. This is expected to happen today (Aug. 23). The police are investigating Nettle’s death as a hate crime.

New York City police investigate a transgendered woman’s death as a hate crime | Gay Star News.




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13 replies

  1. This makes me sick to my stomach and in my throat. It must stop. We must make this stop.

  2. Horrible, horrible! I didn’t know about Ms. Nettles until now. Some of these murders hit harder than others; this one tears my heart out!!

  3. There has to be an end to these stories. May she rest in peace and may her attacker(s) be swiftly brought to justice.
    This story hurts all the more having happened in my hometown. New York City deserves much better than this.

  4. This is a horrible story. Why can’t people respect people for who they are. There should be something done. These hate crime are out of control. I will pray for Ms. Nettles family.

  5. According to a NYC tabloid, the arrested man’s name is Paris Wilson. I’ve not found another source confirming this just yet.

  6. Courtney, The NY Times also names the individual charged with assault (so far) as Paris Wilson. I have lost respect for the Times recently, but it hasn’t sunk to ‘tabloid status, yet!

  7. Another tragedy but I’m HOPING that this wasn’t a result of a girl putting herself in the way of danger. Too many of our sisters have put themselves in dangerous situations with men because of drug induced hallucinations or just hormonal hallucinations.

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  1. Transgender Day of Rememberance | People of the Village
  2. Killer of NYC trans woman Islan Nettles sentenced to 12 years for manslaughter – LEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS

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