Mob attacks group of trans people in Turkey

mobturkeyTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — The past year has been particularly brutal for trans people living in Turkey. In this very space I’ve reported on 5 different transgender deaths there, and now we’ve reports that a mob of 30 people attacked a group of trans people in Ankara, Turkey.

A number of trans people were injured in the attack with two still hospitalized in critical condition. The attackers arrived by automobiles and were armed with bats and spray gas.  Kaos GL reported that there was an attempted lynching. However, a report by made no mention of a lynching.   [Actually, both sources refer to a “lynching” — I’m wondering if this is another way to state ‘mob attack’? I’m not so sure they tried to hang anyone. Anyone with knowledge, please comment.]

License plates numbers recorded by witnesses and given to the police turned out to false. Some of the victims think the attackers were part of the Eryaman gang — a group that has attacked trans people there in the past.

Trans advocate group Pembe Hayat’s Ahmet Toköz: “The passive attitude of police officers towards what’s going is raising fears that similar assaults can continue in the near future.”

Previous reports on trans murders and other on-goings in Turkey:


Lynching Attempt to Transgender People in Iskitler, Ankara | Kaos GL – News Portal for Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender People.



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  1. Well, we know there’s plenty of human pork in Turkey. 30 pigs to be exact.

  2. Let’s talk about Armenia…

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