Rabid anti-trans/LGBT moralist busted for rape of minors, including males

eric bodenweiser pedophile pig slopTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — 113 felony sex charges — that is what Eric Bodenweiser, and according to some news sources, a ‘rabid anti-trans LGBT activist’, now faces instead of an easy slide into the Delaware Senate — he was supposedly a rising star in the Delaware GOP.

Bodenweiser belonged to a notorious hate group — the Delaware Family Policy Council. Although their website is now down and I wasn’t able to pin down his exact position within the group, however, a little trip around the net revealed that this group’s official responses to public commentary included referring to trans/LGBT people as “pig slop”. That is pretty much all we need to know here. Lets hope this group implodes.

As for Bodenweiser, he’s just another in a seemingly endless series of moralists caught up in doing the very thing they publicly oppose. With minors involved, he’s also a pedophile. Now we know who the real “pig slop” is.

Pedophile GOP senate candidate arrested, indicted on 113 counts – Detroit liberal | Examiner.com.

eric bodenweiser pedophile pig slop


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7 replies

  1. Minor point- Re: “he’s a moralist doing the thing he opposes:” I’m confused. He’s reportedly homophobic and transphobic, meaning (one assumes) that he opposes LGBTQ people/”lifestyles.” Rape has nothing to do with sexual orientation. If he’d opposed rape, then he’d be doing the very thing he opposes. I think I get the point you’re making – he’s publicly homophobic and then raped young men. His moralism goes out the window. But the ways this is written, it kinda sounds like you’re conflating rape and pedophilia with queerness. A man raping other men or boys does not define his sexual orientation – it defines him as a predator and an abuser. But I totally get what I think you meant, and I’m saying this all in a friendly way! Anyway, this guy’s a creep!!

  2. Funny, he’s one of those types that try to paint us as predators. This is why I’m scared of normal people. Poor kids.. 😐

  3. ugh. This is just horrible. At least this d-bag isn’t running for public office anymore.

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