FOX News’ transphobic mocking reaches all time high

gretchen carlson transphobicTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — While FOX News’ tendency to engage in transphobic reporting is well-known within the transgender community and among those who monitor the news media, however there has been a marked increase in the mocking of trans people by FOX News hosts and reporters in recent days (and weeks).

Most of these comments were triggered by California’s K-12 trans equality bill.

The following is just a sampling of comments made by FOX News hosts and reporters and do not include transphobic comments made by their guests:

Greg Gutfeld: “As a devious teen growing up, I would tell girls that I’m a girl trapped in a boy’s body, just so I could sneak into the girls’ bathroom. In fact, I do that now at Fox News. … Gretchen Carlson threw me out of the bathroom just last week.”

Eric Bolling: ‘What is transgender? Hey mommy, what is transgender? Am I transgender?'”

Gretchen Carlson: “And also, we know that kids like to pull pranks, Can you imagine now, the boys want to go into the girls bathroom and the girls want to go into the boys bathroom, and they can just say, ‘Oh, well, I was transgender for the moment.”

Bill O’Reilly: “This [the CA K-12 trans equality bill] is the biggest con in the world.”

Todd Starnes referred to a transgender woman as a “burly man wearing a dress.”

Erick Erickson stated that trans people are ‘mentally insane’.

Martha MacCallum stated that the bullying of trans people is “not a big problem”.


This is an earlier article on the transphobic reporting tactics of FOX News:

The California K-12 trans equality bill:



Greg Gutfeld:

Bill O’Reilly:

Todd Starnes:

Erick Erickson:

Martha MacCallum:

Gretchen Carlson, Eric Bolling:


UPDATE Dec. 29, 2013 — From Media Matters:

“Despite – or because of – PJI’s [Pacific Justice Institute] rabidly anti-LGBT stances, including support for “ex-gay” therapy, opposition to anti-bullying efforts, and its claim that teaching students LGBT history is “indoctrination,” PJI has maintained a warm relationship with Fox News. PJI President Brad Dacus appeared on the network as the debate over the California legislation started in addition to other appearances to attack LGBT history education, diversity education, and transgender-friendly workplaces.

Fox’s coziness with PJI continued even after the exposure of the group’s Colorado lie. Fox host Sean Hannity began a December 18 segment on transgender bathroom access with a video from PJI featuring testimonials from parents at students at the Colorado high school where the fake story originated. Hannity called the video “pretty powerful,” but nobody in it ever pointed to an actual instance of misconduct by the transgender female who was allowed to use the girls’ restroom. PJI’s substance-free video and Hannity’s promotion of it even after the organization had been discredited marked a new low of shamelessness.”

gretchen carlson transphobic

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27 replies

  1. FIX News, FUX News, FAUX News, FOX and Fiends, what ever you want to call it, FOX News sucks. I Refuse to watch it, and I ask if it’s on in the waiting room TV, to have the channel changed because it’s offensive to me. The receptionist is always glad to change it.

    • I refuse to watch anything on the network. They spew poison in to their viewer ears and take no responsibility for the actions they incite in their viewers.

      Hate speech and inciting violence is prohibited (or used to be) by the FCC but since most republican politicians owe their souls to FOX I’m betting the government won’t ever act against them.

      • Audrey: What’s very strange is that the rest of the network is nothing like FAUX News (as I call it). For instance, FOX is home to Glee, one of the most progressive and inspiring shows on the air. So while I avoid watching FAUX News (and I love the idea of asking the channel to be changed in public settings on the grounds that it’s offensive), I do watch other programs on the FOX network.

  2. This was passed around as “this FIRST of its kind”. Then people went on the usual pervert routes, and all the stupid BS faux said above. BS! Colorado passed bathroom protections for ALL CO trans people in like 2004 or 2005, possibly 2006. I can’t remember…but not the point, point is CO has NOT had issues with it at ALL. High school boys don’t want to go into a girls bathroom because of make up, gossip, and the most dreaded period stuffs. They said those same things would happen here in CO and guess what? HA! The people proved them wrong. 😀

  3. Fox News has never had any real depth for knowledge they just spew out whatever they feel the simple minded masses will take ease in hearing. Pathetic and low I will never watch Fox News ever!!

  4. Maybe some of you should watch it sometime. These morons are so bad that it is getting to the point that someday we may in some way have to protect ourselves against them. Fox news is the network for misinformation and lies, and they take pride in it.

  5. Entering the minds of the willful ignorant is like opening a can of worms, hoping to see some candy, but instead ending up with a disgusting smell and a nasty sight of disappointment.
    “Oh think of the children! Imagine this imagine that, what if they do this what if they do that?”
    They never gave childhood serious thought.

  6. You wonder why so muh hate is causing issues look at these idiots spreading lies!! FOX 8 NEWS SUCKS!!!

  7. Dear Lexie, Last friday I wrote an e-mail to Bill O’Reilly blaming him directly for contributing to the suicide rates in the transgender community and asking the self proclaimed protector of children,…

    ” Who is going to save the transgender children from YOU, Bill?

    I certainly agree that overall, Fox is not very trans- friendly, BUT, (isn’t there always a but), to be fair and honest, Mygan Kelly has always stuck up for us on air, and that quote from Greg Gutfeld came at the end of a of a segment that he was moderating, debating the new california law that was remarkably fair and sensitive. It came last friday while Gutfeld was hosting the O’Reilly show and truthfully I was shocked at how incredably reasonable both sides were. At the end of the segment Gutfeld was just making a joke and I thought that, when taken in context, he was just illustrating how ridiculeus the anti trans arguments are. In any case, Gutfeld was responsible for airing a very fair and sensitive segment about a transgender issue and I think that we should be acknoledging it when it does happen. It just seems to me that its counterproductive to rip them when they actually give us the kind of fair treatment that we demand. Obviously, Fox provides the transgender community with plenty of disingenuous , uninformed, and transphobic coverage to complain about. Just not this instance.

  8. If I were one of the folks at Fox News I’d go easy on the taunting and bullying of transgendered people. Watching all of that might give other people the idea that it’s okay to belittle and insult people who aren’t necessarily in a position to defend themselves. In which case, the drooling mongoloids on Fox News themselves become fair game.

  9. It just occurred to me that I may not have accurately or fully conveyed my opinion of most of the on-air “talent” at Fox News. Just so I leave no uncertainty about it, there is nary a one that I don’t think is a well-tanned turd in a business suit.

  10. Trust me on this, they are an anomaly here in New York City.
    It is good to watch to keep up with what is happening and not to bury our heads in the sand and think that everything is hunky dory.
    They can all spin on their “no spin zone” !

  11. Thanks for the comments everyone!

  12. [deleted by moderator due to transphobic comment]

  13. [comment deleted by moderator due to tranphobic mocking]

  14. i won’t watch them anymore. That means vendors won’t get anything out of their commercial marketing dollars on their station.

  15. Ooooomfg, you people are such pathetic losers at Fox news….get a life you guys, seriously. People like you should be lined up and shot in the head.

    Problem solved.


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