Transgender mayor’s life turned into a Broadway-style musical, gets rave reviews

markanderschrisbennionTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — At first glance, a Broadway-style musical based loosely on the life of the first openly transgender mayor would seem a bit unusual, but having written about Silverton, Oregon, Mayor Stu Rasmussen a number of times in this space, I’m not all surprised. In fact, Mayor Stu is one of the most unusual trans person I’ve come across. A musical about Stu? Of course!

The musicial, “Stu for Silverton” got a rave from the Seattle Times theatre critic Misha Berson. ‘Genially groundbreaking, appealing, moving and hilarious’ is pretty much the gist of Berson’s review. She does have issues with a few numbers and some of the story appears too sugary, but remains impressed with this ‘tale about small town tolerance that happens to be true.’

While I’ve not seen the musical myself, I’m quite sure something like this would appeal to quite a few people looking for something positive about trans people in the arts and I can see some people planning trips to Seattle, Washington to catch the show. The musical runs through Sept. 15, 2013 at the Seattle Center.

My previous article on Mayor Stu Rasmussen:


From the Intiman Theatre website:

Once upon a time, not too long ago, a new American folk hero was born in the small town of Silverton, Oregon. A lifelong resident of Silverton, Stu Rasmussen was launched into the spotlight when he became America’s first openly transgender Mayor in 2008. Struggling to overcome the weight of adversity, Stu found uncompromising support and love in the most unlikely of places. Based on true-life events, with music and lyrics by Brooklyn-based songwriter Breedlove and book by acclaimed playwright Peter Duchan, this new musical blends Our Town with The Rocky Horror Picture Show and tells a surprising story full of heart and hope in humanity. Stu’s story is one of not compromising, being entirely yourself, and believing in the power of change – in cities big and small.

Theatre website:

Intiman Theatre
201 Mercer St | PO Box 19537
Seattle, WA 98109
E: | T: (206) 441-7178

Full review: ‘Stu for Silverton’ sings about small-town tolerance | The Arts | The Seattle Times.



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  1. Seattle’s “The Stranger” weekly:

    “Watching Rasmussen’s thrill of sudden self-awareness also inspires a little envy: Why can’t everyone have a similarly crystallizing moment when the meaning of our lives is revealed to us in song and dance?”


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