Trans women murdered in Turkey, Thailand and France

Mylene-THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — A trans woman named Gaye who worked as a florist in Instanbul, Turkey, was found murdered in her home Monday according to LGBTQNation. It is not yet known how she was killed. She is the fourth trans person killed in Turkey in the last 7 months. The murder has alarmed a number of trans and LGBT organizations and have renewed calls for hate crime legislation for trans people in Turkey

According to the Bangkok Post, a trans woman was shot by someone who gave her a ride home. This happened in Khon Kaen, Thailand, last week. The shooting occurred following a dispute. The Khon Kaen police arrested Anuchit Meetarn for the murder of Jatupon Ratworabood (female name unknown) following Meetarn’s identification on CCTV footage.

Planetransgender and Gay Star News are reporting that a trans woman named Mylene was beaten to death with a hammer in Limoges, France last Wednesday.  There is no further information on possible suspects or motives.


Thailand:  Transgender shot dead in Khon Kaen | Bangkok Post: breakingnews.


Trans woman beaten to death with a hammer in France | Gay Star News.


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  1. This is not okay. I am tired of seeing trans* women murdered, and in the most violent ways possible–this must stop! We must come at this problem from several sides. First of all, these hate crimes must be prosecuted as such, and to the fullest extent of the law–life without the possibility of parole. Secondly, instead of addressing trans* as the pathology, we must turn the focus of such a discussion to TRANSPHOBIA. To wit:


    Both trans and non-trans people must understand this and put it into action, not only because it’s correct and a valuable thing on which to focus our attention, but because we ALL suffer from transphobia–trans and non-trans, and people of all sexualities and sociodemographic characteristics. We all suffer from a gender conformity that is enforced by murder–every single one of us. Whether it’s a straight cisman in a pink shirt getting called “faggot”, or a trans* woman getting murdered, we ALL suffer from a system that is so fragile and ill-constructed that it must be protected and enforced by taking a hammer and violently smashing it into the head of a woman until she is dead.

    Let’s get creative about this problem NOW! When I am more well, I am going to start doing some sex and gender coaching and counseling. And when I do, I hope that some of my clients are people who, in order to prevent violence, need to have their gender and sexuality issues excavated, normalized and assimilated into their lives. These people, who would otherwise turn to the violation of another person or themselves, must be counseled in such a way that they can find an alternative resolution for their conflicts, desires, and animosity. They can be counseled and educated, and their lives and the lives of those around them can improve tremendously from this process.

    Transphobia is a disease–it should definitely be in the DSM–and the people who have it to the point that it disrupts their life and the lives of others, must receive comprehensive treatment for their illness. As for the people who have a milder version of transphobia, media/educational PSA campaigns must hit hard and hit often to stem the tide of hate; irrational hate and its corollary violence must be ameliorated and not allowed to spread. We need to make acceptance of the diversity inherent in human representation on this earth that which constitutes the content of “conventional wisdom”, not the hatred of those who are different or exist in minority numbers. The paradigm of transness as disease and transphobia as conventional thought must change and it must change NOW–for the betterment of us all.


    More on Mylene (translated):

    On September 1st, a 31 year old man nicknamed “Ramzy” was arrested in Bulgaria. He is the key witness in this case that made ​​headlines last July. The investigation by M6 says he lived in Limoges and knew the victim for four years. The prosecutor, interviewed by our colleagues says keep all hypothesis heinous crime, homophobic or passion.

    According Master Frugier, waiting should not be very long. Bulgarian witness called his appearance in his country, which has delayed the process.


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