Trans women brutally murdered in Jamaica, India

Transgender-Day-of-RemembrancethinkprogressTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — A trans woman in Jamaica was killed by a mob shortly after her birth gender was exposed according to a report in Urban Islandz. 

The unnamed victim was reportedly beaten, stabbed, and chopped. Her body was thrown in bushes. Police are investigating.

In Mangadu, India, police arrested Rajesh for the brutal murder of a trans woman. The victim, Hari, (her female name is unknown) was found buried under a pile of stones by her brother after Rajesh told him that he killed her.

The murderer and victim knew each other. The victim’s head was crushed by a rock.


UPDATE on Jamaican murder — July 24, 2013.  From LGBTQ Nation:

Dwayne Jones of Paradise Rowe was dressed in female attire while dancing with another man in “Henessey Sundays,” a straight street party held at Irwin, St. James, when an unidentified woman recognized him and alerted other party goers who then “held onto the teen, searched him and discovered that he was in fact male,” . . .

The crowd then set about stabbing and hacking Jones, whose body was dumped in bushes along a road.

According to reports obtained by Jamaican LGBT rights advocate, Maurice Tomlinson, no one tried to intervene and defend the teen, who occasionally dressed in drag, calling himself “Gully Queen.”


28-year-old man arrested for killing transvestite friend – The Times of India.

Jamaican Teen Transvestite Chopped & Stabbed To Death At Street Dance l Urban Islandz.

Tip of the hat to Indi Kelly Edwards.


Dwayne Jones -- photo by Maurice Tomlinson

Dwayne Jones — photo by Maurice Tomlinson


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  1. Accidental misgendering in the first paragraph there “after his birth gender was exposed”? Feel free to delete this comment after correction.

  2. Whether they be a trans-woman or trans-man, it makes no difference. Murder is murder, and I hope that the murderers get life without any chance of parole.

  3. The woman who exposed this teen to the crowd has blood on her soul.

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