Is Russian President Vladimir Putin transphobic?

vladimir-putin mashableTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — In the aftermath of a new Russian law that outlaws disseminating to minors the idea being LGBT is “socially equivalent” to a traditional relationship, Russian anti-transgender and LGBT hate groups (and individuals) find themselves now armed with a nifty Weapon of Mass Hate. This law also applies to visitors to the country and anyone using the internet in Russia. Indeed, they’ve quickly started enforcing it — four Dutch tourists have been busted for violating this law and will be detained for 15 days.

On top of this, there is this disturbing trend — a growing number of people in the Russian population have resorted to seemingly unchecked violence against trans and LGBT people in ways not seen in the United States — for instance, Pride parades have been either interrupted or overrun — usually accompanied with violence.

I could go on, but readers can get the gist here. The question now is who can we hold responsible for this new intimidation of trans and LGBT people? I’d say we go right to the top — Russian President Vladimir Putin. He supported the trans-LGBT hate bill and isn’t speaking out against the violence against our Russian sisters and brothers.

We can make Putin accountable because we are holding 4 aces — Russia is hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics. I say we play our cards.

President Putin, your move.

Russia’s Putin signs ‘anti-gay propaganda’ bill into law | Inquirer News.

The 2014 Winter Olympics and the LGBT hate law:

vladimir-putin mashable


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  1. I doubt someone like Putin is an actual hatemonger. But Soviet Russia for all its leftism never had time or tolerance for the LGBT. And furthermore, letting your people persecute LGBT people is a cheap and painless way to increase your popularity among those who would otherwise be problematic…..the right, overly masculine thugs, the church. LGBT Tolerance is something hard fought and harder to learn. This sticks in my face because my family is almost all virulently homophobic, and they connect it to homosexuality because society does. Based on my experience I’d have to say that the natural thing is for human beings to react to any form of ‘queerness’ the same way they would react to fecal matter. So its easily exploitable for the unscrupulous, which Putin is in spades.

  2. There has been nothing ‘leftist’ about Russia for decades. In fact, Putin is a vicious right-wing snake, and would exploit anybody or anything to enhance his power.

    Anti-LGBT hatred is ‘natural?’ Serious doubts about that one. Tough subject, though.

  3. Russians in general seem to have a lot of hate of various groups such as non-white Russians, foreigners, and various minorities. Have there been significant times when Russia has been tolerant of others and accepting of human rights?

  4. [From Facebook]

    Ян Мюнстэр instead of the question mark there should be an exclamation mark. Russia is one of the most homophobic, transphobic and racist countries on the face of this earth. And it is not only because of the government. Due to some polls 70% of the people support this bill ( It’s not a “disturbing trend”, it’s just surfacing now because LGBT people never went tot the streets before.
    Putin will do nothing no matter how many olympic games there are in this country, because his constituents don’t care about LGBTQI rights. It will take decades and decades to get over this deep-seated hatered. I admire your activism but olympic games won’t change jack s**t.

  5. So the whole (70%) country is basically xenophobic to the extreme. Anything different than the prescribed Christian binary is bad and needs to be put down like a sick hamster.

    Sooo not going to Russia.

    • For Russians Putin is sadly a big improvement over the previous administrations where theft of state assets was so widespread that Russia was ceasing to function outside Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

      But while he is an improvement things, there is no true rule of law when some rules are followed and others ignored. The main political figures also rely on nationalism too and pandering to the Church for votes (there is still a large ultra-nationalist group that hates jews etc going with 6% of the votes which makes Putins lot look the nice guys…).

      Hopefully as they become more prosperous and they find they are losing out on valuable business elsewhere in the world due to their small minded regime things will change, but I don’t think Putin will ever be that leader as things have stood still since he stabilised the country economically, and socially its going backwards.

      “A poll by independent Levada Centre in April showed that 39 percent of Russians believe that gays and lesbians should have the same rights as heterosexuals, while 47 percent disagreed.

      This represented a more conservative trend than a poll from 2005 where figures showed 51 percent for and 35 percent against. ”

      Unfortunately I doubt things will change enough in the next 10 years though to make it worth going there!

  6. The question “is Putin transphobic” well, seems a little strange to me. Because his politic is FASHISTIC and 1000% repressive, hateful and discriminating in that aspect.

    Why the question, everything is very visible and self-evident.

    The question “why do you think he could be not?” is much more interesting to me.

    Either he is a corrupt, disgusting asshole who forgot to have any humanoid position he has had before cuz of sniffing too much cocain or he is a corrupt disgusting asshole who has ever been that way also before sniffing too much cocain.

    I can´t see any other possible, can you?

  7. Thanks for the recent comments Emily and Zara!


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