Anti-transgender “family values” group continues rant against trans kids

rawstorymattbarberTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Lest we get complacent with our string of successes in advocating for puberty blockers for trans kids, lets remember that so-called “family values” groups are still out in full force, ranting about “child abuse” and calling for ‘criminal charges against parents of trans kids’.

Here’s one very recent example — Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel said this to OneNewsNow: “In order to be hip and cool and trendy to facilitate this gender confusion and then to even prepare this baby [6-year-old] for hormone abuse, to try to stall the onset of puberty, and to pump testosterone into this child, is nothing short of child abuse.”

While at first appearance, ignoring these groups would seem the prudent step, unfortunately, these group tend to be well-funded, and, sadly, a first source many in the media turn to in covering transgender-related topics.

I’m going to hold Mr. Barber accountable here — since 41% of trans people consider suicide (as opposed to about 1.5% for the rest of society as a whole), his interference does nothing to reverse these dismal conditions. Rational people would at least propose at least something to improve things if they’re to butt in on a subject that doesn’t directly affect them. Mr. Barber, what’s your plan?

Mr. Barber, I’m keeping an eye on you as I do with others of your ilk.


Puberty blockers safe for trans kids research say:

Helping trans kids with puberty blockers and heading off suicide:

OneNewsNow: Barber to parents of transgender child: Be a parent.



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  1. I left the following comment to the ONN website.

    “Along with not having any medical training (or even medical knowledge apparently), it appears that Barber is woefully ignorant of the facts of the reality these people live. Many people who make comments on stories like this make the claim that these children are simply too young to have any idea of their gender identity. The stories of people in transition whose story includes knowing at a young age, 3,4,5 and so on are legend. This is easy to understand when you realize that this is the age when we really know there is a difference between boys and girls. And for people whose brains are wired opposite their body’s build, this difference is painfully obvious. We are where we are in the study of gender dysphoria because of the work of many people who have the best interests of their patients at heart.

    There was a time when treatments like aversion therapy, ECT and other gruesome techniques were attempted with dismal results. Once doctors started their patients down the path of transition, only then was success finally seen. In the case of transgender patients, suicide statistics are a good metric of the success of transition. The suicide rate of pre transition transgender people is about 43%, almost half of that population. Sadly there are some people who are very happy with those numbers because to them the “problem” takes care of itself. Much to their chagrin though, once transition is completed (doesn’t always require surgery), the rate drops to about 1%, the same as the rest of the population.

    To a child who identifies as transgender, this is a really tough thing to bring to their parents, even if those parents are accepting and understanding. The parents will go through a “it’s a phase” mode for a while. Then they realize, like the child does that this doesn’t go away. The testimonies of people who transition later in life agree. The medical profession’s criteria is that the gender issue is persistent one. The key phrase here is, “…a strong and persistent cross-gender identification..” The doctors working with these patients cannot afford to get this wrong for everyone’s sake. This is very life changing and potentially life ending stuff at work here. Any professional who misses the mark and evidence of their patient, insisting on an inappropriate transition will likely face a very big lawsuit, and rightly so!

    As to the progression of hormone therapy, this is another part of this case where Barber is ignorant of the facts. Actual HRT doesn’t begin until late in adolescence, after the patient has spent a lot of time considering if they would like to keep on the path they’re on. In the meantime puberty blockers are administered from the early teens until the decision point later on. For many late transitioners, puberty was a really trying time for them because their bodies were changing in a direction that was painful to experience. The latest studies based on double blind, peer reviewed science state that puberty blockers are both safe and reversible. If perchance Tyler decides transition isn’t the right path after all, the blockers are stopped and menarche begins. A first period about the age of 16 is not unheard of. However if Tyler proceeds down the transitional road, then hormone therapy begins. And while MtF HRT is relatively safe if handled professionally (HRT is NOT a do-it-yourself endeavor), FtM therapy is safer still. Again, a slow and methodical transition at any stage of life is very sensible. If you’re forgotten why, reread the last paragraph.

    Perhaps if the people who were to demean those who are transgender had some of the facts at hand from those who are actually knowledgeable about this very small part of the population, perhaps they would not hold some of the animus they do toward those who are largely misunderstood and in many cases openly despised. In the days when Jesus was walking among us, He and His disciples came upon a blind man. His Disciples asked Jesus if the man’s blindness was a result of sin. Jesus replied that neither the blind man nor his parents sinned, his blindness was to show the works of God, perhaps in a way the disciples they we not expecting. The religious leaders of Jesus’ day told their followers that maladies of any kind was the result of sin. Not only did this go for the blind, but also lepers and even menstruating women. It’s very likely that God is indeed testing us. He’s watching closely how we behave toward _all_ His children. In Isiah we learn that God knows us before we grow in the womb. The Bible never told us about the internet, smart phones, television nor lawnmowers. Jesus did however tell us about transgender people. Called eunuchs back in the day, in Matthew 19:11-12 He shares with us,

    “Not everyone can accept this word, but only those to whom it has been given.

    For there are eunuchs who were born that way,

    and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by others—

    and there are those who choose to live like eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven.

    The one who can accept this should accept it.”

    We all need God’s love, not human’s hate.”

    When I later on went to see if they had posted the comment to their page, I noticed that they had closed the comment posting. Without my comment. Go figure.

  2. What an [ . . . ]. What this bastard needs, is to have a medical malpractice lawsuit lodged at him for claiming to be an authoritative medical adviser to an ignorant christian community on the subject of medical treatment of transgender kids and adults. Make it a hefty one, say ten million dollars, that ought to keep his public medical malpractice mouth shut. It would also prove to be a deterrent to any other christian quack from making authoritative false medical claims in the future. Where are all the TG supportive lawyers on this. I beg them to look into this as a class action lawsuit.

  3. but I’m sure that “family values” person would have no issue with brainwashing his children into believing something from a book written a couple of thousand years ago by a primitive superstitious sand people.

  4. Bringing up ‘god’ anything, always f”ks up reality.

  5. What’s wrong with other alternatives? For example, teaching people to accept the body they were born in. Understanding that wearing make up and dresses not your “gender” and is not female. That societal gender norms do not define sexual organs. If your a boy and you like to play with girls and dolls, it’s ok. Changing your sex organs is not going to change your sex. You are what you are. Therapy can help prevent suicide better than hormone therapy.

    • Sarah, I’m sure most trans people just live with it and don’t transition. The ones that transition simply aren’t able to. Therapy before transition is to make absolutely sure the person wants to do it. The other thing — being transgender is not about clothes and makeup — passing doesn’t matter.

  6. All of you have a very warped sense of logic, silence yourselves and come up with constructive responses. By playing the blaming game, a whole new cycle of hatred is born.

    When a child is born, they are as a pure, white piece of paper, hence what that child is taught, so will he grow to be. We the parents need to teach them what is ans what is not. If born with a penis, you are male. If born with a vagina, you are female. Children do not fully mature until they reach their 20s, so letting a child without correct teaching will create confusion. Asking a child if he wants to be male or female is the same as asking a dog if he wants to be a dog or a human. At their age, they do not even care what they are as long as they are happy, thus the word ‘childish’ was created. A child can easily be dyed in any color, all their decisions are thus meaningless. And this is where a family value is created.
    I think glorifying transgenderism before a child is an absolute danger to a child. We need to guide them first into growing up knowing what is and what is not until they reach a sufficient age where they can make a reasonable and educated decision.

    I wrote this article entirely biased… Towards the safety of a child. Do not dare pester me with religious, scientific, conservative or liberal highschool-level dogma shit 😀 thank you for reading if you got this far.


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