(UPDATE — Victim identified) Man arrested in Philly trans woman hatchet murder

diamondwilliams3THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — (UPDATE — Victim identified, vigil planned. See below.) Following a report to the police on Wednesday by someone who saw a body wrapped in plastic being carried through her house, police in Philadelphia arrested Charles Sargent for the murder of a trans woman.

NBC10 News reported that the woman was killed with a hatchet and screwdriver. The body parts of the victim were found in a vacant lot. Sargent supposedly had an axe, screwdriver and a knife in his possession when arrested.  While in custody, Sargent admitted to the crime.

The victim has not been identified as of this writing.  has been identified as Diamond Williams. One report said Sargent had a relationship with the victim, but information elsewhere hints that this may need to be confirmed.


UPDATE — July 22, 2013. Victim identified, vigil planned. From TransGriot:

For my trans family in Philadelphia and our allies, been advised by Nika Jewell, one of my Philly area TransGriot readers there will be a Speak Out and Vigil for Diamond Williams, [on Tues July 23] the girl like us who was horribly murdered in the Strawberry Mansion section of the city by Charles Sargent.

More: http://transgriot.blogspot.com/2013/07/speak-out-and-vigil-for-diamond.html


Man Accused of Killing Transgender Lover, Dumping Body Parts in Lot | NBC 10 Philadelphia.



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16 replies

  1. Lexie, When did this murder occur?

  2. The guy looks like a killer. Just look at his neck vs his head. I would be afraid to date a guy like that, even if I was a cis-woman. I hope he gets life, but his lawyers will probably get it turned into manslaughter, citing “Gay Panic”.

  3. The categories “trans” and “cis” are also stereotypical to my point of view. I wouldn´t use em. They are just made to give a verbal excuse for disadvantages of people whos acceptance and human rights since borth are illegalised because of their bodies generally.

    Transgender is another think, but I think she was female, not transgender.

    Rest in peace, girl.

  4. There are some updates to the story at the news link there. Seems they are now saying he killed her when he discovered she was transgender.

  5. No one, regardless of gender or other… should ever die at the hands of such a person. This sad story makes me feel sick. I hope the courts treat him as ‘nicely’ as he treated this transwoman.

  6. From the Philly Inquirier:

    Rachel Rose last saw her best friend, Diamond Williams, on Old York Road in the city’s Hunting Park section earlier this month. Williams was caught up in the world of drugs and prostitution, but she didn’t let it get her down, said Rose, 30. For transgender women facing discrimination in mainstream society, resorting to the sex trade “is a matter of survival,” said Aamina Morrison, 33, of the Trans-Health Information Project. The risky occupation turned fatal when, according to police, Williams was picked up by Charles Sargent, who took her to his home in Strawberry Mansion sometime around July 13. Police say Sargent, 43, killed Williams and dismembered her body, scattering her remains in a weed-choked field near York Street and Sedgley Avenue. About 150 people gathered Tuesday evening at John F. Kennedy Plaza to remember Williams, 31, of Ogontz, and decry violence against transgender women. Some held signs that read “Our Lives Are Not Expendable,” “Transphobia Kills,” and “Justice for Diamond.” Police said Sargent confessed to the slaying, saying he became enraged when he discovered Williams was transgender. Williams was also known as Mark Williams. Gloria Casarez, Mayor Nutter’s liaison to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities, urged the LOVE Park gathering to fight any “she-tricked-me defense” the alleged killer might use. Casarez cited the unsolved slayings of transgender women, including Kyra Kruz, who was shot to death in September. Williams “made some choices in life that were unsavory for some people, but we loved her,” Morrison said. Friends spoke warmly of Williams, who had a diamond tattoo near her wrist, for her personality and interests. “She was very much into music and poetry,” said Christian Lovehall, 28. Lovehall said the last time he saw Williams, she complimented him on his nose ring and asked why he got it. He mentioned Tupac Shakur, who also had a nose ring, “and in that moment her face lit up,” Lovehall said. What followed was a 30-minute conversation on hip-hop and poetry. “She had a warm and loving spirit,” Morrison said.

    Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/news/20130724_150_gather_to_remember_slain_transgender_woman.html#5Gy3kKexBpul6ZuM.99

  7. My girlfriend and I use to go to Jones Jr high with,Sargent! wow!

  8. Listen,I’m sorry to hear about what happened to that transexuals,but y’all not gonna sit n dog my cousin out.Don’t nobody know what transpired but them two.So I would appreciate if this would b a done deal n let the courts deal with it.


  1. Transgender Day of Rememberance | People of the Village

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