Australian family court permits the use of puberty blockers for orphaned trans child

family courtTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — The foster parents of an unnamed 13-year-old trans male and three experts in the field were able to convince an Australian family court that an immediate treatment of puberty blockers would be in the best interest of the orphaned trans child in their care.

This case was complicated by the fact the child’s mother died when the child was 6 and the child has since been a ward of the state living with foster parents. Although the urging of the foster parents and the child’s own mature insight about his condition likely eased the decision making for Justice Peter Murphy, he did fear a possible consequence of long term psychological problems if the request wasn’t granted. The Justice swept aside the legal questions stemming from the child’s orphan status and ruled he had the authority to make the decision to allow the treatment.

Justice Murphy: “Young people in this situation, if left without support and treatment, are at high risk of long-term mental illness, such as severe depression and associated risks of self-harm. . . .

 I am entirely persuaded by the unanimous medical evidence before me that the treatment the subject of the application is in the child’s best interests.”

The names of the child, parents, and government agencies involved were not disclosed.


I like how the foster parents fought to do the right thing here.


Trans advocates in Australia have stated that family courts permitting the use of puberty blockers is not uncommon and that the country is rather progressive in this regard. I wrote about another case in Australia earlier this year: 

Recent study says puberty blockers are safe:

More from Justice Peter Murphy’s ruling: Family Court permits orphaned girl, 13, to undergo gender change | Life and Lifestyle | Lifestyle and Living | | Herald Sun.

Tip of the hat to Zoe Ellen Brain.

family court


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  1. Hmmm, kind of scary that your life and future is in the hands of a judge. I do not recall having to have a court decision to fill my last prescription of medicine. This thing should only be between your doctor and you.

  2. Thank you Justice Murphy! It is good to hear of a Judge who gets it!

  3. Thanks for the comments everyone!

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