Trans student faces arrest if uses bathroom in classroom building

alexwilson wfla photoTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — While other schools and locales are making the news with proactive changes for transgender students, one Floridian technical school is ‘standing their ground’ and issued an ultimatum — use a single person bathroom across campus or they’ll press charges.

Trans woman Alex Wilson is studying to become a licensed practical nurse at Pinellas Technical Education Center in Clearwater, Florida and up until recently had been using a women’s bathroom in the building where her classes are taught.

After a student complained, Wilson was pulled out of class and read the riot act. Addition to facing charges if she disobeyed, she risks being kicked out of school. She was told this change was made because she was transgender. A school spokesman later said there are ‘privacy concerns for the other students.’ The spokesperson also noted that the school administration may look into this further.


Contact info:

Dr. Michael A. Grego Superintendent

Pinellas County Schools, (727) 588-6000


David Barnes, Executive Director of Career Technical & Adult Education

(727) 538-7167 – Fax (727) 538-7203 Toll Free: 1 (866) 503-PTEC (7832)


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Proactive school district and county:

More on Alex Wilson: School Threatens To Kick Out Transgender Nursing Student For Using Bathroom | ThinkProgress.

alexwilson wfla photo

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  1. Luckily HIGHER courts of the land and the EEOC have come the the conclusion that “sex” does include transgender/transsexual status. Now if we can only get the “state” of Florida to recognize the interpretations/applications of such decisions from the rest of the country to their “state”…the state that it has so oddly become…

  2. The state of Florida stinks both political and legal law issues. But what I would really like is the email address for Michael A. Grego, Superintendent of Pinellas County Schools.

  3. I am a resident of Pinellas County and let me inform you of what is happening here. First a little about the county. It is a purple county being blue in the south and red in the north where this campus of the tech school is. We have a campus in the south part which does not have this problem. Believe me we are working behind the scenes. Things are changing here as in the rest of Florida on the local level in parts and moving northward in this state.We are having success within the county government as evidenced by the article below recently published. We are working steady on educating the population of Pinellas County in government and street level.

  4. I hope she sue’s the crap out of them! this is what was done to me at my former employer’s.

  5. It appears its a pretty low end school… does not grant degrees… what’s that about? …and there are ZERO student reviews. She’d be better off going to an accredited school if she wants a job… I can’t imagine graduates from these clowns are very competitive. Not worth the fight imo.

  6. It is a tech school that is part of the county school district which includes grades K through 12.

  7. this is what pissed me off about the “privacy concerns” excuse at the job i left after their HR person bitterly fought with me on the issue – WHAT ABOUT THE TRANS PERSON’S PRIVACY AND SAFETY?

  8. First, it was the civil rights movements for african-Americans. Then, it was the woman’s suffrage movement. Now, it’s the gay rights movement. And rolling in hard and fast is the transgender rights movement.
    Civil rights are human rights. Be the Rosa Parks of your civil rights movement.
    Stand your ground and say, no. I will not move and I will not move to the back of the bus.

  9. what about the rights of the students who complained? just throwing something for thought out

  10. which part of ALL in the phrase liberty and justice for all is the difficult part for these morons?

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