Trans role model Jazzie Collins passes away

jackie collins facebook THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Long time SF transgender and community advocate Jazzie Collins passed away recently from an apparent ongoing illness in a hospital surrounded by friends. She was reported to be 54.

Collins was especially noted for tirelessly fighting for vulnerable communities.

Collins was honored just last month at the California state capitol last month in Sacramento by Assemblymember Tom Ammiano.

Quite a few esteemed members of the trans community have left tributes and comments on Jazzie’s Facebook page:

(In the photo, Ammiano is on Jazzie’s right. Can someone confirm who is on her left?)

RIP Jazzie Collins |


Tip of the hat to Pamela Curry.

jackie collins facebook

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  1. I do believe the other gentleman escorting Ms. Collins is Phil Ting.

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    RIP Jazzie.

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