Chrisie Edkins, trans musician, activist and more than a stat

Chrisie echoTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Chrisie Edkins died nearly 3 weeks ago. Her funeral was held yesterday in Southamption, in the United Kingdom. By all measures, she was highly regarded and admired in the trans community — not only was she a trans activist, she was a singer and musician of note. Her death was a shock to many that knew her, and she was mourned by people around the world. Yet for three weeks, I struggled with the decision whether or not to write this story.

Her death was deemed ‘not suspicious’. She was only 33, and in the absence of violent circumstances or medical illness, that pretty much leaves only one reason — suicide.

I rarely report on suicides. Instead I point to the statistics —  for instance, 41% of trans people attempt suicide. This is more than 20 times as often as society as a whole. I report this figure frequently and I have an easily accessed page on this blog that contains the results of the research and agency that compiled these figures. Its irrefutable facts, not emotional pleas that get laws enacted and policies changed to reverse these dismal conditions.

At the same time, trans people and their allies need to be reminded from time to time that even the most seemingly strong and well-adjusted amongst us can lose their grip on reality. I think this is such a time. Chrisie Edkins helps serves as a reminder not to take such people for granted — they may indeed dwelling on the edge themselves.

Although, she, too, is now a stat, I’ve no doubt she had a hand in keeping many others from being one. Its for this contribution she’ll be remembered.

Stats on trans suicide:

Chrisie’s funeral will be colourful celebration (From Daily Echo).

Chrisie echo


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23 replies

  1. Thank you for a wonderful report on a Facebook friend of mine. I never had the chance to meet Chrisie personally, that is my great loss. However in the messages we had, I came to respect and care for her as though we’d been friends for 20 or more years. I do miss her, and it hurts to think that she is gone. Thank you again.

  2. Thank you for this Lexie. People don’t often remember, or aren’t aware of the suicide (attempt) rate in our community. Many of us have made multiple attempts. The survivors, and activists like you are here to get the word out. Don’t stop, I won’t!

  3. I remember Chrisie from the Angles internet forum and that she volunteered to perform at the first Milton Keynes pride last year. Her music was very much her life RIP X

  4. Yes, I knew of her death pretty much when it happened through my trans group. It was a serious loss to the community. I understand your feelings regarding writing the article, but you handled it very well.

  5. I remember Chrisie well from my days on Facebook and mourn her passing. She was a very talented woman and I was always delighted to promote her work as much as I could. May she rest in a very gentle peace and live on in a place far from earthly cares. Miss you dear Chrisie.

  6. Thanks for the comments everyone!

  7. Sadly missed by so many. Goodbye sister and may God bless your soul, the ripples of your music and positive energy will continue to touch others for years to come.

  8. I am going to miss her deeply ! I was planning on coming out to watch her in concert . I tried real hard to get her to play for our First Rockford Pride Fest , but the other board members didn’t agree ! She would have made it a bigger success than it was ! I am glad we did get to know each other , and I will miss you my Sister !

  9. I cannot dispute the facts that suicide rates are high within our community. Yet I have conflicting reports that say it was for other reasons she took her own life. What people have to understand is that being trans is still being human, dealing with everyday issues like everyone else. I have over the last 3 years had suicide as a back-up but only due to cancer -not because of being intersex. It is, however, very sad when a leading advocate departs. xxxx

    • Thanks for your comment Susan. If you’ve a source that disputes the suicide claim, please post it here.

      • speak to kinga her so called girlfriend. their relationship was very volatile. kinga dragged her round by her hair beat and tried to strangle her. Speak to her lodger Sam he will tell you

        • I think u’ll find that was happenin a long time ago. They split up & Chrisie posted a disturbing pic on fb of her with bad black eyes&other bruises 😦 x

        • I can confirm this. Kinga was there that night. Chrisie was fine until she turned up. Definitely speak to Sam & Carla.
          I hope the police are looking into Kinga more closely.

  10. I went to school with her and am from Southampton, When my feminist group did TDOR here, she helped me find a photographer. her loss has been felt deeply here. Thank you for your lovely tribute.

  11. I was friends with Chrisie for about 5 years & cannot begin to explain the feelings of shock & loss 😦 I last saw her only a week before she passed in the Edge nightclub Southampton & had told her that I was starting on my trans journey..her response? “I’ve been waiting for you to tell me that since the moment we met! I’ll support you 100% now lets have a shot!”
    Such a big personality that will be sorely missed.xx

  12. Thank you for reporting on someone who was more than just fellow activist. I had the privilege of actually getting to now Chrisie both personally & candidly as a very good friend via video chat on Skype.

    Chrisie was a fun loving positive spirit who was always looking to do as much for trans visibility as she could. So when I received news of her passing, I was devastated and couldn’t stop crying for over a week. And even talking about it now is enough to still have tears welling up in my eyes.

    A small group of us were advocating to bring Chrisie to tour in Australia later this year, and we had been planning to spend time together when she visited. But sadly that will never happen now. I am also going to miss her cheeky video chats, and the smiles she brought to my face.

    Rest in Peace sister, you will always be fondly remembered.

  13. I can so identify – my mentor who was the rock in my life also committed suicide last year. After 10 years living life she just slipped into a depression. Im missing her voice companionship, her giggle and her friendship

  14. why are people saying she killed herself, ive seen no official confirmation on that, at the moment it seems to be rumour

  15. Well till i see coroners report i will keep open mind

  16. I had the great opportunity of meeting her in person. When she came to vegas I met her at the airport and was the one who took her around everywhere and helped her when she had her tour in vegas. She was viberant and caring and the most amazing woman that I ever met. the last time that I saw her in person she walked up picked me up and gave me this huge hug and a kiss on the cheek and told me she would talk to me soon. I would go to the room and chat with her. She was amazing and I miss her so much. She will never be forgotten.

  17. i just watched her “it gets better” video 😦

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