Public ridicule results in airport’s apology to trans woman

enzablogtoTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — ‘That’s a guy’ said one airport greeter out loud to another, while pointing at a trans woman walking through a terminal at a Toronto, Canada airport last April.

The woman, Enza Anderson, who also happens a highly visible member of the Toronto trans community, shortly thereafter filed a complaint with the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) about the incident.

Anderson speaking to “As soon as I walked in the room one of these greeters started to motion to one of her colleagues and said ‘that’s a guy.’ From there on it just created a very uncomfortable situation. They were all staring and gawking.”

About a month later, Anderson received a formal apology from the GTAA and was informed that the agency conducted an investigation into the subcontractors providing greeters for the airport and have received assurances from them that this would not occur again. In addition, the greeters were to undergo sensitivity training.

Anderson, a writer who has also dabbled politics (she once ran for mayor of Toronto), says she happy with the apology and considers the matter closed.

More: Airport apologizes to Enza after harassment complaint |



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15 replies

  1. She should have spittet these turds in the face and ripped put their eyes after that.


    • Agreed. I get so sick of “immaculate-gender” bigots talking about us as if we’re objects. None of the greeters involved should have kept their jobs.

    • I disagree, making a scene in the airport would have only brought more negative attention down on her. She handled it in a very classy way, and one that made a real impact in the employees live’s. It may have actually caused some real and permanent change in the process, but only time will tell.

      The squeeky wheel may get the grease, but the classy, well mannered, calm, and collected get the respect of their fellow human beings.

      Just my opinion. I am happy that she was given an apology, and happier that they took measures to train and ensure that it won’t happen again. This makes it better for everyone.

  2. glad to see these formal complaints are taken seriously, in my experince 99% of the time they never are

  3. I’ve met Enza a few times in Toronto; once she even gave me advice on make-up! She’s quite a classy lady. Aside from her dabbling in politics (when she ran for mayor of Toronto, she had the line, “Unlike some politicians, I have nothing to hide”) she has also been a columnist for Metronews, so I can’t really imagine anyone at the airport not recognizing her; her picture was on the newspaper everyday. For the most part, people in Toronto are very accommodating to the trans community, so as a Torontonian, I think this is one of those rare cases of someone being idiots.

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone!

  5. She looks very calm and classy in her photo, and I will bet she is in her day to day life. What a super beautiful woman.

  6. They wouldn’t know if not for her public status.

  7. Just being stared at is NOT public humiliation.

    People have the right to look where they want. That includes staring. It’s part of life.

    Acting like this was anything wrong and supporting someone thinking it is just does a great disservice to those who have ACTUALLY been publicly humiliated and harassed.

  8. Anon, in this case, the employees were on duty and they verbally outed someone in a public place.

    • “Anderson is a well-known figure in Toronto who frequently speaks out about transgender issues. She has run for political office several times, including in 2000 when she ran an unsuccessful bid to become mayor, finishing third.”

      Nobody was outed by anyone.
      The only thing that happened here is that a public figure while in a public place was talked about, and used a non-offensive word, “guy,” to talk about them with their coworker.

      And, no. “Guy” is not an offensive word. It’s like calling an F-150 a “car.” It might not be the correct word, but it’s not offensive.

      And, of COURSE they were staring. Trans people are completely novel to most people. A trans wanting average people to not stare at them is like a black person in Japan not wanting the Japanese stare. It’s just foolish.

      • The phrase, “that’s a guy” is incorrect as she identifies as being transgendered, therefore she self identifies as a female. Talking amongst themselves is one thing; shouting out across the concourse in the manner that was reported is wrong and insensitive regardless of whoever it is.


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