New study confirms trans people’s high risk of danger in using public restrooms

jodyhermanTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — The gist: 70% of transgender people surveyed reported harassment or discrimination in trying to use a restroom — and the survey area was one of the more progressive part of the country in enacting laws to protect trans people.

The Williams Institute study, lead by Jody L. Herman, PhD, concluded that until public policy and public administration can enact changes, this high danger to trans people will continue. In the meantime, the researchers say, “the onus will always be on the individual to try to navigate these spaces safely.”

The researchers made this suggestion: “In considering the role gender segregation plays in our environment, we should consider whether gender segregation is necessary to organize our public spaces.”

The study states that while some jurisdictions have made strides in this area, many have not, but will most certainly come face to face with it in the future.


I previously wrote about an earlier study done by the Williams Institute:


While it may seem to some transgender readers that findings of research studies are simply stating the obvious, however, unlike anecdotes and the informal collection of such, scientific research studies are evidence that can be used to change policies, enact laws, and win lawsuits.

Source of the material for this article: “Gendered Restrooms and Minority Stress: The Public Regulation of Gender and its Impact on Transgender People’s Lives” by Jody L. Herman at the The Williams Institute, UCLA School of Law:
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  1. Thank you, Lexie. Good subject for all of us. It will always be up to he individual to assure his/or her own safety in public places.

  2. watch yourself in Oregon rest stops, two state cops gave me holy hell for using the women’s room on I-84 this past fall.

  3. Sorry, i cannot remember the names and it was an eastbound rest area somewhere between the Dales and Boardman but the road atlas does not show any rest areas in between them. I certainly did not want a vehicle search so I was subservient and agreed to never do it again and got out of there!

  4. But it might have been Multnomah County


  1. The Restroom Revolution Vanguard | Miriam afloat

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