Settlement: Sheriff was wrong to remove trans woman from women’s bathroom

judiejones iowa pc THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Johnson County, Iowa, has reached an agreement with a trans woman after their sheriff’s department booted out of a courthouse women’s restroom. The settlement included cash and the sheriff’s department will have to undergo training.

The Iowa Civil Rights Commission pushed for a settlement after finding probable cause that a Johnson County sheriff deputy violated an Iowa state law. The trans woman, Jodie Jones, filed a complaint with the civil rights commission following the incident.

The Sheriff’s Office admits to the mistake, but still insists it was just a poor decision by a good cop who was responding to a complaint about a ‘man in the women’s room’ at the county courthouse.

Lambda Legal’s Dru Levasseur:

“Equal access to public restrooms for transgender people is a national issue that needs greater public awareness . . .

Violence and harassment are very real concerns for transgender people and confrontations in bathrooms can lead to unsafe situations.”

More about the incident from an earlier report:

More on the settlement:  Johnson Co. Settles with Transgender Woman over Restroom Complaint | KCRG-TV9 | Cedar Rapids, Iowa News, Sports, and Weather | Top 9.

judiejones iowa pc


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  1. That’s good, but when are idiots in this country going to realize that trans girls are not men in dresses?

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