37-year-old cis-woman with birth certificate gender marker error needs a note from a doctor

Nakia-Grimes newsoneTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — As it turns out, nightmares that come with getting gender marker changed on birth certificates isn’t exclusive to trans people — cis-gendered people sometimes run into the same bureaucratic nonsense trans people face regularly.

Take Nakia Grimes, a mother of a 5-year-old, who spotted an error on her birth certificate when she requested a copy from the state of Georgia’s vital records department — she saw that her gender was mistakenly marked male.

In order to correct it, Grimes was told, she’d have to get proof she was a woman — she’d need to see a doctor, get a pap smear and bring back a notarized note from the doctor testifying that she was indeed a woman.


While I do feel for Ms. Grimes, she has it nowhere as difficult as trans people. This incident underlines how ridiculous this continued and needless policing of what’s under our pants is.

Tip of the hat to: International Foundation for Gender Education

Woman asked to prove gender to fix birth certificate mistake – Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5.

Nakia-Grimes newsone


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1 reply

  1. Could you feel the righteous outrage this woman had?
    And the understanding she got form about everyone but the person who told her that she had to prove her female self?
    In this video, you feel that there is an understanding that the whole situation was wrong and that immediate action to rectify this mistake was imperative.
    Yes, indeed, as it should be!
    This situation is upsetting enough!
    Which is well understood by all since she is a cis-gendered (non-trans) woman.
    And indeed, a situation nobody cis-gendered does want to ever experience even for the short amount of time that this event took place.What an humiliating situation!
    THIS is what we have to painfully fight against!
    Except that with a trans-woman, there is no universal immediate support, Actually, if it was neutral, it would not be so bad as it is. Since we not only have to fight a rigid system but also have people opposed to any changes we are demanding.
    No, there is no compassion for the troubles we live.
    No, shared outrage for the humiliating situation.
    I intend to share this, and try to focus it to pass the following message to cis-gendered people.
    ” This could happen to you! “

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