School’s barring of trans child from girls’ bathroom ruled discriminatory

Coy_Mathis_newsnet5THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — The Colorado Civil Rights Division ruled that the action of Fountain-Fort Carson School District of banning a trans child from using the girl’s bathroom violated a state law that protects trans people.

The school, Eagleside Elementary School, near Colorado Springs, had initially let 6-year-old Coy Mathis use the girls’ bathroom but later the principal ordered her to stop using it. Her parents then withdrew her from school and filed a complaint with the civil rights division.

From the division’s ruling:

“Given the evolving research into the development of transgender persons, compartmentalizing a child as a boy or girl solely based on their visible anatomy is a simplistic approach to a difficult and complex issue.  . . .

It also deprived her of the social interaction and bonding that commonly occurs in girls’ restrooms during these formative years, i.e., talking, sharing and laughter.”

Transgender Legal Defense’s Michael Silverman: “. . . this ruling sends a loud and clear message that transgender students may not be targeted for discrimination and that they must be treated equally in school.”

More: Colorado school discriminated against transgender girl: report | Reuters.



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12 replies

  1. Its a shame that children get discriminated that way, the system is traumatizing and intimidating them for using a bathroom.

    Even if they at least win such a process, its obvious that you never can use a bathroom without feeling bad in your life

    Wrong assigned children should have the right to piss into the classroom and in the face of these people. What a turd-world.

    I hope this girl will start a nice revenge some for this repressive exclusion one day.

    I don´t think she is transgender, I think she is female.
    A wrong assignment by the environment doesn´t finally change the gender of a person, it just shows the turdness and bad education of the environment.

    • You don’t think she’s transgender? What do you think transgender means? You’re right she is a female who was wrongly assigned as male…but that’s the definition of transgender!

  2. i don’t think she’s transgender, either – she looks like a perfectly normal, perfectly adorable little girl. so maybe something didn’t develop as it should – has anyone run her DNA? possible she’s a chimera.

    • …you don’t think she’s transgender because she’s looks like a perfectly normal perfectly, adorable little girl? She is a perfectly normal adorable little girl! But that doesn’t mean she’s not trans. Words have definitions.

      • i’m 47 – way back in the day, a transgender person was strictly someone who had undergone medical procedures to physically convert to the opposite gender.

        time to update my understanding, i see.

        • Oh I see. Yes, transgender now applies to anyone who identifies as a gender other than the one they were assigned at birth, regardless of whether or not the medically transition. That said though, I imagine that Coy will take female hormones when she reaches puberty age.


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