Did a victim’s gender identity change prompt DA to drop charges?

Lady-JusticeTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — A year ago, the Florida state attorney’s office charged Glenn Straub with criminal battery for an assault on 22-year-old Claire Newman. Straub said he wasn’t guilty and a year later, the state attorney dropped the charges. End of story? Not quite.

This got my attention when a tabloid claimed the charges were dropped after the discovery that victim underwent a gender identity change following the attack. With the source being a tabloid, verification of the facts elsewhere was required. There were only two other news reports:

The Sun Sentinel’s article stated the Straub case was closed at the request of the victim, Claire Newman. The article did not make any reference to gender identity change.

The Miami Herald had a very short summary about the Straub case which included this passage: “In a strange twist that surprised prosecutors, Straub’s victim was a woman at the time of the April 2012 incident. She now lives as a man.”

I did manage to track down the victim’s personal page on social media. He is using a new name (first and last) and the evidence is quite solid that the victim is presenting as male and that he is indeed the same person reported victimized in the Glenn Straub incident.

While we don’t have enough facts to support the tabloid’s hype, but there is enough here to open some eyes. I’m not sure if further investigation is warranted, but I’m hoping that the what-kind-of-a-witness-is-a trans-person-going-to-be? factor did not figure into the state’s attorney’s decision to drop the charges.





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  1. It shouldn’t matter the gender, hair colour, skin colour, eye colour, what someone loves or doesn’t, anyone who commits a crime against another should be dealt justice.

  2. I’m guessing the victim didn’t want to be dragged into court and have the defense tear him up (based on his transgender status) and have court turn out to be an assault on the victim instead of the perpetrator.

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