Nine-year-old Australian trans student wins bathroom & sports rights

emmahayesTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — On the heels of an article about a court case in Maine that transgender advocates hopes results in full bathroom access for a trans student there, come the news of a similar case in Queensland, Australia.

Like the Maine case, a trans student was made to use an “alternative” bathroom instead of the bathroom for the gender she presents. In this case, it was a bathroom for disabled people.

Although Emma Hayes’ mother had initially came to a prior agreement with the school, she changed her mind and pressed for full access, including the right to compete in girls sports.

Unlike the Maine case, the school district, Education Queensland North Coast, granted Emma full access to the girls’ bathroom. In addition, Emma will be able to play girls sports.

A wise decision by the school district all the way around, because for Emma, a chance at a normal childhood begins immediately.

Emma was asked by an Australian TV station, News 9, how long she’d known she was a girl? Emma’s response:  “Since I was born.”


A number of schools in the US have already granted trans kids full access, and we’re seeing it in other countries around the world as well. I’m hoping we can see the end of trans kids school bathroom angst having to be resolved in court.

More on the Maine case:

More from News 9:  Transgender girl wins right to use girls’ toilets.



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5 replies

  1. She’s so pretty, not to mention brave as hell. Go Emma!

  2. Cheeky little brat is a drag queen and should be sent to a boys school. The mother should be ashamed of herself encouraging this and who dyed that horrible hair. He was born a boy is a boy talks like a boy. Has plenty of say and needs a course in manners as well as male grooming.

  3. Good article. I will be experiencing a few of these issues as well..

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