Trans delegate to DNC 2012 denied admission to Democrat women’s association

Janice Covington is in the upper right corner.

Janice Covington is in the upper right corner.

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Specifically, they told her she’d be better off if she joined the men’s auxiliary! The Democratic Women of North Carolina (DWNC) told Janice Covington, who was elected by the North Carolina Democratic Party to represent the state at the Democratic National Convention in 2012, that she could not belong to this association.

Covington was first approached by the DWNC and was asked to become a member. She filled out an application and paid the membership fee. A month or so later, there was a follow-up call from the membership committee chair, and she was informed that she was a member.

However, at a recent political event, Covington was told by a board member that she could not belong to the association and was better off joining the men’s auxiliary.  Covington told her it wasn’t acceptable. The board member then said, it would have to be put to a vote.


This is pretty much a huge blunder on the part of the DWNC and it needs fixing pronto!

Democratic Women of North Carolina
6830 Dulverton Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28226

Mecklenburg County Democratic Women’s Association:



Janice Covington is in the upper right corner.

Janice Covington is in the upper right corner.


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  1. Sounds like a solo idiot board member who will not have the support of her fellow board members.

  2. There was an announcement from Democratic Women of North Carolina on their Facebook page:

    A recent blog posting brought to our attention that transgender Janice Covington was led to believe that she has been denied full membership of the Democratic Women of Mecklenburg County (DWMC). That is not the case. The DWMC is a subsidiary of the Democratic Women of North Carolina (DWNC). Our organization is one of many that falls under the DWNC. Upon review of Ms. Covington’s application, our Board decided that the correct and deliberative course of action was to submit the question to the DWNC Board to formulate and articulate official guidelines regarding transgender admission for all of the state chapters. Our understanding is that this issue is currently slated for review at the state level. In the meantime, Ms. Covington has been, and will continue to be, welcomed at our meetings and events.

    • For those of you not on FB, below are the first 4 comments left under the above post:

      Janice Covington:
      I was told the contrary but since you made it clear that I am still a member, I am happy to be a part of the DWMC and will do my best to be a member in good standing and work to help the organization achieve their mission.

      Janice Covington:
      Question am I a member with voting privileges like any other woman?

      Zoe Ellen Brain:
      Serious question – do you follow the same procedure for Blacks? Or did you used to?

      If the answer is, as I hope, “of course not” and “er… not since 1960”.. you might get an idea of how this makes you look.

      Gretchen Lintner:
      Janice Covington is not seeking membership as a “transgender”, she is seeking membership as a woman.

      . . .

  3. My Response to the MCWD

    Janice Covington The statement of, I was led to believe was light, I was told in the beginning of the conversation that I would be best suited in the men’s auxiliary, I immediately ripped my name tag off and said NO, unacceptable, the woman who was talking to me, knows what she said. Then the tone change and I was told I would have to be voted on for acceptance by the North Carolina Democratic Woman’s Association in July because they have never had a transgender apply and did not know what to do, it’s simple I am a woman and expect to be treated with respect and dignity like any other. Now I am sitting here in Limbo because in the statement from the Mecklenburg County Democratic Woman’s Association said I am welcome at all meetings and events. That statement is not clear. I want to know does that mean I am a member with full voting rights. Or does that mean that after one night as a member, I am in some kind of suspension waiting the outcome of the vote in Raleigh? Amendment One was passed in our state back in May of 2012 this does not mean that I will be treated as a second class citizen by the state that I love. I will not succumb to Bigotry and discrimination and I am not an abomination. I am equal under the rights of our nation and will be treated as such.

    As most of you know who are educated about Transgender people, know the wording in the response to my article is damage control from the Democratic Woman’s Association. It’s not in correct form but that’s ok, I overlook it because it is my duty to educate people and organizations like the Democratic Woman’s Association about who I am. I can remember as little as 5 years ago what I have achieved since then was not possible in those times. Times are changing and I am glad that I am a part of it. Even though they referred to me as Transgender Janice Covington, I excuse this because I realize it was not in a tone of meanness. I feel this just shows me that I must work to educate those that are interested. I feel and know that most of the membership accepts me for me. I feel that they don’t look at me like I’m a freak out of some horror movie. If we can get past this I know that I have a lot to offer this fine organization.

  4. hmmmm…. you know, if she had not been pointed out, i would’ve picked totally the wrong woman as the transgender one. there’s three of them that i could swear started off life as Mike instead of Michelle. make that four.

    so if she looks more feminine than 40% of the women on the poster, what is the objection?

    and why is there two men on the poster, or are they F->M transgendered who were rejected from the men’s auxiliary?

  5. sorry, THREE guys.

  6. Reminds me of the cases when black people weren´t allowed to sit at the “normal” seats in the bus in the USA.

    I don´t see any difference between sexism and racism, it´s all bodyfashism.


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