Social Security eases trans angst with new transgender policies

SSA-logoTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — This is the big one — a precedent that will domino down to other government agencies across the country — even reluctant holdouts (states) may convert to avoid the expense of defending legal action.

To begin with, the SSA will no longer have the surgery requirement and will instead  just require “appropriate clinical treatment”. New SSA staff guidelines will be issued for interaction with trans people, including the proper usage of pronouns and proper respect.

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and the National Center for Transgender Equality are both behind this policy change. This modernization, according to the NCTE, is the biggest government policy win for trans Americans because SS numbers are nearly universal and other government agencies feed off the SS database.

As of this writing, the SSA has not updated their website with the new policy.


Thumbs way up to the NCTE and the NGLTF!

NCTE: National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Blog.


Tip of the hat to: Adifah Crista Kelly Sadler.



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8 replies

  1. Yeah, so now they change their minds and drop the GRS requirement. Now what do they say to all the TS’s from 10/1/2001 till now? Sorry folks, that we forced you to get a full GRS in order to allow you to go stealth and perhaps get a job. Then, how will you treat the pre-op TS’es now that getting a GRS is no longer obligatory. Refuse them the right to claim the GRS costs on their 1044 tax form because it’s no longer necessary for ID sex markers, and it’s now considered an elective cosmetic surgery. I have serious medical issues because I had a GRS and then developed a sever case of diabetes. I could have avoided all the health crap if I wanted to change my SS gender sex marker like I did pre-9/11/01. After 9/11 the SS revoked the gender marker change I had done pre-9/11.
    Because my gender marker change was disallowed, it put me in a hopeless situation between my self and my ignorant asshole transphobic boss. Because of the marker change being disallowed post-9/11, I had no grounds to stand on regarding the equal right to sue my boss for putting me through discriminating crap and severe persecution at my workplace while I was employed there. I’m happy for all the TS’es who don’t have to put up with this shit now, but I’m mad as hell against the government for putting me through the ringer with my boss. When I did get the GRS, he fired me on that date I left for the surgery. I was screwed for several years without a job.

  2. Things have always sucked and now they are getting better. Don’t complain about progress being made, complain that it hasn’t been enough.

    • I don’t think she was complaining about progress –
      “I’m happy for all the TS’es who don’t have to put up with this shit now, but I’m mad as hell against the government for putting me through the ringer with my boss.”
      – but I think she has a point.

  3. Honestly I don’t understand what this article means. Will someone clarify it for me? Sorry I’m young but want to understand.

    • It means that trans* people can get the gender tag that goes with the SSN – a number all employers run for US citizens, to be sure that they’re legal employees – without needing to have gender reassignment surgery (GRS). This is a good thing because GRS has health risks, and many trans* people either don’t want to take those risks or just plain can’t afford to.

      Having the proper gender tag on the SSN means that if a trans* person goes to get a job, the potential employer won’t see the wrong gender when they run the number – which might keep a person from getting a job.

      Hope that helps!

  4. To add another angle…. I am on Medicare and medical establishments have been refusing to even FILE my insurance because the gender on my state issued drivers license and my social security file do not match. Apparently if any of the information is different it gets flagged and they could be audited.

    This goes far past employment. I surely hope they complete the process AND IT STICKS!

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