Navy SEALS Team 6 unit member is transgender

kristenbeckTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Team 6, the Navy SEALS unit that captured Osama Bin Laden, had a transgender member on the team. Kristin Beck, now retired from the Navy, recently appeared on CNN with Anderson Cooper to talk about being a closeted trans SEAL.

Even though Beck eventually spent 20 years in the service, she feared being killed in the field if word got out that she was trans. Even today, she told Cooper, there is fear when when she steps outside her door as transgender people are often killed just for who they are. She said there are many trans people serving our country silently and they deserve equality.

Beck says she fought for peace and liberty for 20 years and now she just wants peace and happiness for herself.

What the CNN video here (captioned):

FIRST! Navy SEAL Comes Out as Transgender | Transgender Law Center.



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  1. Very good and important points, Lexie.

  2. Reblogged this on Jenna Is Me and commented:
    I’m not alone when i say that she’s a badass! Her anecdotes are all too familiar with any other transgender story you will hear. Very poignant.

  3. Nice story. I find it such a shame that in some parts of the world people still struggle to find freedom and safety from fear, transphobia and other forms of bigotry. 🙂 x

  4. Yes, I am not surprised she was a Navy Seal. We all find ourselves compensating greatly with highly masculine behavior at times to try to cancel those real feelings inside. I was in the 82nd Airborne back when I was in the Army. I have many girlfriends that exhibited this very masculine behavior before they transitioned also. She makes one great looking lady. Kiss, kiss.

  5. When I read this post I started to feel the tears starting.. Her story is so very close to mine. I am so proud of her.

  6. Thanks for the comments everyone. Any trans person that served in the military is courageous x 2.

  7. “Hoo-Yah” Ms. Kristen Beck…ABC and other media outlets claim she was with ST6 at the time BinLaden was killed…this is Not True. Yes…she was in ST6 and other Teams. SEAL Team Six (ST6) was first to have as their leader a Capt. Marsanko who wrote many paperback books about his missions to the Middle East and all the Butt-heads he silenced…lol.
    The Media also “Claims” Ms. Beck as the “First” SeAL to ever be Transgender and she is NOT. There are other Armed Forces Members and other Navy Elite Groups not too many people know about like UDT and EOD who were the original Frogmen. I would like to point-out that Ms. Beck joined the Navy in 1990 and served to 2010 and is still serving her country and Intel community. She is so very lucky to be alive, have all her fingers and toes and be employable as many that do this type of work or have the training and Background cannot find jobs and are Disabled (physically or mentally). As with all service members in country like those in Vietnam and having been exposed to Agent Orange with the Govmt in denial for 28 years…Our Service Members coming back home have been exposed to Depleted Uranium (DU) and will have health problems much like what Agent Orange did…we were all Deployed and went to War looking for Weapons Of Mass Destruction (WOMD) yet could not look in front of us…for “WE” are the Weapon and “We” will kill off our own when all of our troops are home and discover what “These” Smart Bombs, Smart Phones, Smart People have created. Food for Thought.
    Hugs not Hate,

    Dr. Robin Mitchell
    T3P Global President/CEO
    P.O. Box 30661
    Walnut Creek, Ca 94598

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