Hate group ties transgender rights bill to empowering pedophiles

Jordan Warfel nicole theisTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — A hate group linking trans people to pedophiles failed in their attempt to derail a transgender rights bill in the Delaware Senate. The bill is now on the way to the House and the governor is in support of it.

The Delaware Family Policy Council”s Jordan Warfel: “This bill makes no legal distinction between someone who is transgender and any other person who claims to be the other sex, including predators, exhibitionists, peeping toms.”

The council’s Nicole Theis: “When you create the environment for trouble, that’s what you’re going to get. Just because it hasn’t happened yet, it doesn’t mean it’s not bad policy.”

DOJ Attorney General Patricia Dailey Lewis responded to Waefel statement by calling it “. . . offensive and exploitative to children and the people who work to protect them.” We do not have one known case, one reported case, of a transgender individual attacking a child.”

Lewis’ office noted that the majority of sex offenders are known to their victims.

Prior to the vote the council distributed a video showing a bearded man following a child into the women’s bathroom tagged with “Is this what you want for Delaware?”


I am unsure of if the group plans to impede a vote in the Delaware House.

Delaware transgender discrimination bill up for vote in Senate | The News Journal | delawareonline.com.


Jordan Warfel nicole theis


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  1. Quite simply, hate groups love to lie and encourage others to lie too. In Connecticut we had a police Sargent, who was also a State Senator, spread fear amongst his fellow Republicans against the transgender community. He did exactly what the hate group sought to do in this article.

  2. Gee, I don’t really understand the chaos over this. When I go in there, I do my business, then I check my hair and makeup and leave. Public bathrooms have stalls which give reasonable privacy, and the single use bathrooms have a lock on the door. I don’t like looking at my pre-op genitalia and I sure don’t have any interest showing it to anyone else. What’s more, I have no interest in seeing anyone else’s either. That would be too depressing!

    A person who enters any bathroom with the intent of committing a crime is a criminal, and deserves to be punished. A person who enters any bathroom with the intent of relieving themselves deserves to be left alone. When Canada was looking to add gender identity protections, they checked with all the places in the United States who already had protections in place asking if they experienced any problems from this. Everyone answered that they had zero problems.


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