Transgender cartoon superhero character SheZow knocks out conservatives

shezowTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — If conservatives are on a rampage, it must be a good thing for trans people. That is what I was thinking while scanning through political commentary about a new transgender television cartoon superhero, SheZow!

Originally an Australian children’s television series, it’s now debuting in the United States on a cable channel for kids. It’s about a 12-year-old boy who has the power to transform into a superhero to fight evil. By uttering, “You go girl!” he turns into SheZow, and off she goes, wearing white gloves and boots with a purple cape and skirt.

Now, I don’t know if this show is going to be ultimately worthwhile, however, SheZow is already knocking out conservatives, so to that I say, “You go girl!”

More about the show here:

More on the view from the right:



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  1. Americans have short memories, especially when they’re broke, But the White House is likely lost to the GOP in 2016.

  2. Because if someone like me will have nothing to do with the Republican Party (fiscal conservative, broadly sympathetic to moderate social conservatism and a supporter of small business) then they don’t stand a chance. I didn’t exile myself from the party because of its ferocious anti-LGBT double down, but because they played politics with our economy. Obama has asked for nothing unreasonable, including his gun proposals I’m dead set against, but they are so ideologically rigid, the perfect has become the enemy of the good, so to speak. Conservative railings against LGBT people are not the cause of, merely the symptoms of a pervasive failure of reason and pragmatism.

  3. I am not entirely certain, but according to the writer/creator of the show – the main character is not transgender. The main character is still very much a boy and is stuck being a boy clad in a girl’s superhero costume.

    Here is the interview:

    As a trans woman, I wish that it was really about trans superhero, but I still love what the show is doing – breaking boundaries. I hope that this show does extremely well, especially in the US!

  4. Thanks for the comment all! đŸ™‚

  5. I love the show, and, if the government forces it off, I will be extremely upset. I see nothing wrong with it. They are just picking on the good shows and wand to feed us the bad ones, of witch I won’t name. So leave the shows alone you bums and let us decide. After all, if we don’t like it, we can just change the channel.

  6. [Comment deleted by moderator due to generalization and transphobic contents. Readers are welcome to post differing views, but you cannot post ad hominem comments or transphobic generalizations. Make your case without insulting people.]

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