Suppression rate for transgender patients with HIV improve considerably

Yehia BalighTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Trans people living with the HIV virus today are experiencing a reversal from mostly dismal conditions. A new research study points towards conditions near parity with non-trans people living with the disease.

Past studies showed trans people with the virus then faced a higher level of discrimination — especially from medical professionals. Social isolation was another contribution to poor these conditions.

The new research indicates the improved HIV suppression rate is a result of trans people now staying on track with their medication and continuing care. In addition, the medical profession have become more in tune to the medical care needs and concerns of transgender patients, leading to further improvements.

Lead by Dr. Baligh Yehia of the University of Pennsylvania, the findings of his team was recently published in Clinical Infectious Diseases.

In a press release, Yehia said more needs to done for trans people:

“Many physicians don’t feel comfortable taking care of transgender individuals because they are unfamiliar with their specific health needs and concerns. We have a come a long way, but more needs to be done. We need more education and research to help fill this knowledge gap and improve familiarity with transgender health issues.”

Yehia Baligh


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