UK coroner on suicide of trans teacher: “And to you, the press, I say shame – shame on all of you.”

shamerichardlittlejohnTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — ‘Hounded to death’ — that’s pretty much the conclusion reached by Coroner Michael Singleton on the death of transgender teacher Lucy Meadows. Meadows taught at Mary Magdalen’s Primary School in Accrington, Lancashire in the UK. Barely 3 months into transition, Meadows took her life after being exploitative fodder for UK tabloids. She was a direct target of transphobic columnist Richard Littlejohn of the Daily Mail.

Singleton said at an inquest the media engaged in ‘character assassination’ and he was at appalled at the ‘sensationalist and salacious’ barrage Meadows faced. The speaking to the media directly he said: “And to you, the press, I say shame – shame on all of you.”

For the first time, it was disclosed Meadows died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Singleton: “I will be writing to the government to consider now implementing in full the recommendations of the Leveson Report in order to seek to ensure that other people in the same position as Lucy Meadows are not faced with the same ill-informed bigotry as seems to be displayed in the case of Lucy.”


Stay tuned. There will be no doubt more to come.

A recent report on the Meadows suicide investigation:

BBC News – Media criticised over transgender teacher Lucy Meadows’ death.



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7 replies

  1. May she rest in piece.

    I am really sad now.

    The fucking BBC wrote that she was “born male”. I hope these genitalistic so bodyfashistic motherfuckers will suffocate in their own vomit one day.

    Their slander and genital-sexistic bullshit is part of a program that has converted the world into the piece of shit that it is.

  2. This is a typical news media and tabloid trait. They’re after ratings, because ratings generate the amount of money that you can charge your customers for their adds. They don’t care about the person’s life, well being, and career of whom they are assassinating. I’ve seen it happen to other trans-folk who decided to come out to the public.

  3. Let’s give praise to the coroner (Michael Singleton) for taking the extra step of publicly telling it like is.

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone.


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