UK press watchdog to offer guidance for transgender issues reporting

Protester at vigil for Lucy Meadows outside the offices of the Daily Mail

Protester at vigil for Lucy Meadows outside the offices of the Daily Mail

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — In the aftermath of an apparent suicide of a transgender UK teacher who was being hounded by tabloid media, the UK’s Press Complaints Commission (PCC) said they will be working with the transgender community to come up with new guidance for reporting on trans issues.

The PCC found itself buried under complaints after Lucy Meadows was found dead under suspicious circumstances — likely suicide. Meadows was only months into transition when the media began publishing a series of exploitive and transphobic articles about her. In particular, was an obviously transphobic hate-hit piece written the Daily Mail’s (UK) Richard Littlejohn. That article has been since pulled from publication.

iMediaEthics is reporting that the PCC will liaison with trans community organizations, including Trans Media Watch as they develop the guidance. They are asking for everyone’s input. There is no timeline set for publication.

You can contact the PCC here:

In related developments, UK trans writer Jane Fae wrote in an article for The Guardian (UK) that it will take more than PCC regulations to stop the bullying of trans people. Fae: “Revised editorial guidelines are welcome but not enough – we need a cultural change in the press and respect for existing rules.”

Read the entire article:

More about the death of Lucy Meadows and Richard Littlejohn’s article:

iMediaEthics: ‘Transgender Issues’ after Apparent Suicide of Teacher Lucy Meadows, PCC to.

Protester at vigil for Lucy Meadows outside the offices of the Daily Mail

Protester at vigil for Lucy Meadows outside the offices of the Daily Mail


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  1. Thanks for including the link to my piece in the Guardian. I’m afraid the general reaction of the trans community in the UK has been…yeah, yeah….heard it all before from the PCC.

    And since existing regulation is mostly ignored, adding even more regulation is unlikely to do anything terribly useful.


  1. UK coroner on suicide of trans teacher: “And to you, the press, I say shame – shame on all of you.” | THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT by Lexie Cannes

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