Nevada governor signs transgender hate crime bill

spearmanTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Following a roundabout route of getting this trans protection bill to Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval’s desk, it was signed it into law Tuesday night. The bill permits judges to ‘impose extra sentences’ on those committing crimes to transgender people.

In 2011 attempt at a trans protection bill failed when a Democrat, Sen. John Lee, crossed party lines and joined the Republicans in killing it. This action helped prompt Patricia Spearman into challenging Lee for his senate seat in the primary election. Lee lost to challenger Spearman who went on to win to beat Republican opponents in November 2012. It was Sen. Spearman who brought the bill Lee killed in 2011 back to life, revised as Senate Bill 139 — the bill signed into law by the governor on Tuesday.


My hat’s off to Nevada state Sen. Patricia Spearman. I wrote about her efforts on this bill earlier this year:

More: Sandoval signs transgender hate crime bill | Las Vegas Review-Journal.



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