Having sex after gender reassignment surgery is ‘satisfactory’ for most says new study

srsLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Eighty percent of male-to-female (M2F) people in the study engaged in sexual intercourse following surgery with most achieving orgasms. However, 40% reported eventual complications, some requiring additional surgery. It should be noted that the rate of complications declined during the 13 year study period — likely due to surgeons becoming more experienced doing the procedure.

While the female-to-male (F2M) group in the study was smaller, all reported sexual satisfaction even though the constructed phallus were of a size that limited penetration. However, a procedure of refashioning clitoral tissue allowed erections. The complication rate wasn’t clear — F2M people typically have 2 to 3 surgeries to complete the entire process while M2F usually just have one.

Dr. Maria Helena Palma Sircili began the study at University of San Paulo (Brazil) in 1997 when it became legal to do SRS in Brazil. Her findings were presented at the American Urological Association’s 2013 Annual Scientific Meeting,


I found interesting a comment of what one someone saw as a futile attempt at constructing phallus if they’re all of a short length. This was countered by Dr. Sircili stating that for F2M people, leaving behind the female body was paramount over penis size — they’re not really worried about this.

“I also found this comment by Dr. Sean Elliott, director of reconstructive urology at the University of Minnesota equally interesting: “In the United States, most people have given up doing these procedures [constructing phallus]. No one has reported their results.”

Elliott also said the existing body of research studies like the one Sircili has done was rather small.

More: Sex-Change Operations Mostly Successful.



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  1. as a 9 month post-op female, I am very happy with my new part and it is wonderful when my boyfriend and I are having sex.

  2. Very satisfied with sex after SRS. It’s beyond awesome and I have had the best sex in my entire life. Felt right for the first time too.

  3. I find achieving orgasm very difficult and almost impossible with a partner, but the physical feeling of being penetrated and being held are very satisfying. Vaginal depth is an issue with men who are larger than average.

    • Does orgasm feel the same as before transition? And if it does feel different how exactly? Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    • im actualy courious does the size of your penis determine weather or not you have a shorter vagina im like for instance if a guys penis is 5 and half inches and gets the mtf would the depth of his new vagina be 5 and half inches? (thats fully aroused) becasue i like penetration but i wana experiance it in the front area and my bf has a huge penis because im just waitng for funding to get my mtf srs

    • I am not a LGTB hater or other. But, we will all have to see what God says when we die. He alone will judge us by his standard for every good or bad work performed in our body. Every human being will face the judgement seat of God where the books will be opened. God judges those who’s names were written in the lambs book of life or not. Listen, God sets a standard for man or woman in the natural order of things whether we feel hormonally unbalanced, mentally or psychologically unstable or not. God said no. This is not my order! God did not create LGBTQ. LGBTQ did. So, God turn them over to their reprobate minds. As a LGBTQ people, we simply did not care. We went against our father and we still believe our lies thinking God will wink at it. God will get the last word for every single sin LGTBQ or not. His word is truth and it never changes. It is just as fresh today as the momen he spoke it. Revenge is mine says the Lord. He loves and cares for your pain, and you still this very hour. Earth is our proving ground. Here God sees if I will follow him in what ever state I am in. I have free will. This includes lies we tell ourselves such as I’m in a wrong gendered body emotionally. The bible = Believers instructions before leaving earth. This is the greatest love letter to humans before death telling us how to live acceptably from the one who created us. God says if you love me keep my commands and my commands are not grievous. He said do not sleep with a man to man, a beast or woman to woman. But when we went our un natural way, He literally gave us up to believe our lie. He won’t force you to stop believing your lie. It’s up to you. You have his standards and his word. He let us to do as we wish and to be filled with sexual diseases here and the final consequence there. We changed the natural order to the un natural he says. Today, my heart breaks as God shares tearfully in Revelation, these have no part with him in heaven. The sexually immoral, Liars, adulters, and this includes all people whether you are straight or LGTBQ. These are sadly not there. You are eternally cut off. You know, if eternal was an hour, I could stand it, even a day, or a year for punishment. Heck even in prison for for a 20 year sentence and then be free, I could stand it. But, a life eternal sentence. Forever cut off from Gods goodness, happiness, and love? The one who created you wonderfully made? Eternal equals….Time stops. It’s forever. You don’t even get the weekends off from punishments we brought on ourselves because we decided to change the natural order of our fathers design in our lives. Listen, will all have our trials as a man or woman. Go back to his standards. Ask forgiveness and turn again to walk in is way. He won’t force you and He still loves you enough to let you go your own way. Won’t you change your mind willfully and seek your real father while there is time. The lord says as long as today is today don’t hear den your heart. Do something about it and make amends whatever is needed with God. Thx

      • On the other hand, God may not be pleased with the posting of your comment. Surely YOU don’t want to spend life in Hell for upsetting God. Don’t take that risk! Just silently pray, instead.

      • I’m not of the LGBT community, and I think you and your type (high and mighty bible thumping c****) should take your gods bible and shove it straight up your holy a*******. “Thou shall not judge the splinter in someone else’s eye when thou have a plank in their own” right? Go f****** take care of your own f****** self and mind your own business you self righteous b****. (I have nothing again Christians btw, just that ones that act like you.)

      • Have you ever spoke up when you shouldn’t? Or been that person at the party that tells people they should stop drinking and smoking? Or have you ever given your opinion at the wrong place at the wrong time? I bet you’ve done at least ONE of those things!

        C’mon…..these people are looking for happiness. Many found it….who are you to say how they should reach THEIR happiness? It’s theirs…not yours….not “GOD’S”….THEIRS. LIVE AND LET LIVE MAN. I know my words won’t mean Jack to you, and you’ll just have some bible quote to spew, but I had to say this stuff. I’m sure there’s something in that Bible of yours about Judging others, and that whole “DO UNTO OTHERS” thing…..don’t just cherry pick your religion man. Drives me crazy.

      • um…can you give me verifiable credible evidence there is a god???

      • First I didn’t even read all this babble. I’ve heard it all before. So you are not a hater, but you are just saying that God is. Nice. I think if God is a hater they have a lot of other things that are actually worthy of hate to hate. Take paedophiles, murderers, lying politicians, and people who don’t signal before they change lanes as just a sampling.

      • So….. There are a lot of things I want to ask and say, but to start, how did you find yourself asking the question, “is sex after gender reassignment surgery satisfactory,” and ultimately end up on this page? Are you curious? Is God as angry about your curiosity as he is about peoples questioning who they are? Is your post satisfying his anger towards your faults, and it that why you posted it? I personally think that God so desperately loves us that stuff like gender reassignment are non-factors in the receiving of and ultimately reciprocating that love. I could get bible verses to make my case, but ultimately people aren’t changed in this method of communication, so I’m not going to waste my time any further.

      • Okay this comment really pissed me off. You follow your lord and he says not to judge. But here you are blatantly judging us because we are not like you? because one of the 8 versions of the bible says its wrong? There is a reason there are multiple bibles and books written by their own churches. No translation is correct or perfect. All those storied were legends comprised into a book and names scripture,

        • um, actually you would be wrong about that, the bible tell Christians how to judge…
          judge with right judgment John 7:24
          you are to judge your neighbor fairly.Leviticus 19:15
          judge righteously Deuteronomy 1:16
          not sure where you got your info from…and FYI I am an atheist dating a transgender…so do not jump to conclusions…

      • Well god isn’t replying, so we don’t know. I do know this much, god is a loving god, not a mean nasty god. So take the nasty bad stuff out, god does not work that way. We really don’t know what god said, or didn’t say, as these books were inspired by god, but written by man. I am a transgender, 57 years old, had bottom surgery last year, and outside of dilation, not a lot to talk about. Orgasms are great, penetration is great! I went the intestinal vagioplasty, so I have 10 inches depth. My biggest problem is mentally, if you had issues before transition, you’ll have them after. Personally I don’t have any issues with my transition, I am the woman I always should have been. My wife is happy as well. We are not big party people, or do we travel as much as we like. We love each other very much and live our lives the best we can. ๐Ÿ™‚ Our problems were with our children, some have no issues, others can’t handle it. Some stopped talking to us. My next surgery is facial, and well looking forward to it, as my male face gives me away, along with my male voice, however, I had voice surgery last month, still can’t talk ๐Ÿ™‚ I remember when I first started the transition, I had a niece say it was all a attention getting scam, and it isn’t I have not tried to gain attention at all, fact is I did the opposite, I don’t want any undue attention, I wish to be left alone. If you want advice, if you are unhappy with yourself, and you think you are a transgender, go see a mental health expert, let them tell you! You may find out something new, maybe not. But if you think you’re going to light up the world because you are missing something or have something you think you shouldn’t, maybe they can help. I warn you, if you think it is a miracle cure all for mental issues, it is not. If you were a idiot before transition, you’ll be an idiot after transition! ๐Ÿ™‚ However if you were straight like me before transition, and are gay after like me, then you have some things to learn as well. I am a gay woman. I have no desire for penis, though lately I have had some ideas, considerations for sex with a male, but not seriously. Just an idea. Last but not least, being a woman is a lot of work, it is not easy, make up, clothes, walking, talking, is all different, if you are faking, you might want to pick an easier task, as the good doctors will pick you off a mile away. I’m 6’3″ 230lbs most women my size are not 230, so I am constantly dealing with weight issues. I never said this was easy. However, I am at peace with myself, this is who I really am, a woman, I am Coco. I am very satisfied, there will be no turning back, or anything like that, I will spend the rest of my days as a woman, happily! I wish you all good luck in your adventures! Peace ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Good say my friend. ….. God supports you fully in you decision….. The people of the world who are trap in the cage of the devil will not know what God wants. … Devil made them blind so they won’t know whats Good or bad……

  4. Does anyone know whether the survey specifically targeted bi/straight trans women, or whether it was just coincidence that such a high proportion were into penetrative sex? I’m curious what the figures are like for gay trans women.

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone.

    • Hi Lexie, I am just beginning a relationship with a Trans (man to woman) so I am trying to learn all I can about how to satisfy her if our relationship develops to that point…so I guess is do you have anything written , like a step by step (or sex for dummies type thing) so I can please her??? I am nervous about this, my feelings are moving in this direction but she is not moving as fast , but that I understand why. Thx in advance!!!

  6. Study does not take into account the effects of anti-testosterone meds. They can chemically create permanent inability to orgasm in some people.

  7. Me and my girlfriend is very unhappy with the results her depth went from 7in to 3in and we have both been unable to have sex

  8. need some info about this

  9. The time will come for me in 17 days.

  10. It has been 2 1/2 years since my sex reassignment surgery. I have been intimate with men and women. I have experienced many orgasms, including multiple orgasms with men, women and solo. It rarely, if ever, happens with penetration alone. Ask any woman.

    There are several things you should consider prior to your SRS.
    1. Do your research on the surgeon you plan to use. You get one shot at this to get it right. Make sure he is communicative, clear and provides you with instructions. In writing.
    2. Follow the instructions to the letter. Wait the full designated time they tell you to wait, or longer, prior to having intercourse. My instructions were wait 3 months. I waited 4 months.
    3. Do your dilations according to schedule! If in doubt, doing more is better than less. Most patients who experience profoundly decreased depth are usually a result of NOT doing their dilations properly or on schedule. Be aggressive with it but not foolhardy.
    4. Dilating isn’t about pleasure. I’m doing my weekly dilation right now. Not what I call pleasure, for the most part ๐Ÿ˜‰ I call my large dilator Fat Bastard for a reason and it’s not joy. It feels more like a frigging redwood!
    5. Dilating isn’t the same thing as intercourse, no matter what anyone tells you. Dilating is completely controlled penetration, stretching and shaping. Intercourse is NOT under your control and can cause irreparable damage if done too soon. You’ve waited your whole life for this surgery. Wait 3 months more!
    6. Give it time! Nerve tissue takes a long time to reconnect and our personal milage may vary greatly. Don’t use someone else as a benchmark for your expectations. In fact, don’t have any silly expectations.
    7. Always remember that your most powerful and sensitive sexual organ lies not between your legs but between your ears.
    8. After they finally remove the bandages and dressings and you take that blessed shower, stand over a mirror and giggle like an idiot for 15 minutes. It felt awesome.
    9. Have fun!

    • oh im so excited to start horomones and take it slow and find a great surgon this is excatly what ive lived my whole life waiting for

    • Alicia, great post and with you. I had my GRS 3/2/2006. I have worked in the sex industry (legal here) and have had more men there than most. Works wonderfully although I am not a bucket so not into big boys but have taken 10.
      Can multi orgasm however it does take time so as long as the male partner isnt in a rush and wants mutual pleasure, its wonderful.
      Agreed with all and especially the last 3.

      • God bless you. Im so very glad to hear a positive and frankly truthful comment. I will pass this onto my mtf younger sister. Thankyou. A worried older brother.

    • What a great read, thank you for taking the time to post this.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve been transitioning now almost 3 years. Was the best thing for me:)

  11. This whole topic is just plain wrong. I can’t believe doctors actually partake in these types of surgeries.

    • Can you explain why this is a problem for you?

      • Its a lie. It goes against messages we’ve been telling children for years…”be happy with who you are”. Now the massage seems to be ” be happy with who you can be made to be after surgery”. I get that it may be a real condition, but I think some things should be left the way that they are, and this is kind of a big one.

        • Then Dan, what do you do to resolve the ultra-high suicide attempt rate amongst transgender people?

        • Dan, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion. However, many of us consider our physical features of our bodies to be a “birth defect”. And, I would never tell a child with a cleft lip to tough it up and avoid plastic surgery because you need to be happy with who you are or that “God doesn’t make mistakes”. I don’t feel that God made a mistake with me but,instead, presented me with this life challenge that I’ve had to be brave to face head on.

          • dan this is real and if u can change it there is now reason why you shouldnt period

          • Well Said Nicole.

          • Don’t you DARE try to make God out to be some kind of fool. He knew what he was doing when He knit you together in your mother’s womb. He made you the physical sex you were born with for a reason, but not because He just wanted to toy with you. To think that mutilating your body, (which is a gift from God, incidentally) as a way to somehow “prove yourself” to Him is beyond arrogant. Don’t bring our Father into this – it has nothing whatsoever to do with Him.

            • Holly, Really? He knew what he was doing? Then explain to me why God created a lot of people with both genitals? Or vague genitals? (Google intersex.) Either He didn’t know what he was doing or you don’t know what you’re talking about.

            • go pray somewhere else …… sheep! Bah baaaaahhh follow the flock

            • We live in a cursed world, everything is corrupted. God didn’t mold us by hand, have multi generational curses on us. Everyone is broken one way or another, why wouldn’t sexuallity be included? It’s your brain washing that’s speaking not your innocent soul.

            • Who are you to judge why God does what he does Holly? You don’t know the reasons why he would give us the brain of one gender and the physical body of another, all we know is that he has done this and he did it for a reason. But I find it hard to believe he would not want to do what was necessary to be happy and fulfilled just like any other man or woman in life. Would God not want doctors to separate Siamese twins? Or correct a child’s cleft palette? Or for a woman to use fertility drugs or technology to have a child?

              I believe it’s true that God does not make mistakes, but I do not feel myself born as a Transwoman, as a mistake. And I don’t believe that God would want me to be happy with who I am, and my church family fully supports me for who I am.

        • I don’t know about this. Yes be happy with who you are, so what’s wrong with making the outside you match the inside you. That’s why people with gender identity issues need and should do psychology therapy to ensure srs\grs is right for them, and to help identify any issues that may cause these thought. The mental health and wellness is just as important to the well-being of the patient as the physical. I’m in love with a wonderful beautiful woman who is transgender (m2f) and she’s is trying to save up for the grs and she is very depressed because it might still be sometime before she can go through with it it tears me up inside… But I know she will be much happier after she goes through the surgery. But back to the point… If it wasn’t for the option of the surgery I’m sure she would be a suicide statistic or have mutilated herself. It gives her hope….

    • I do not see how these surgeries could possibly impact your life in any manner whatsoever.
      Don’t want a sex change?
      Don’t get one!

      Gender Dysphoria is a proven medical condition. Transitioning and reassignment surgery are viable and effective treatments for it.

  12. Generally the cost seems worse than the procedure part, Im afraid Ill never make enough money in this life to be the man I know and always have been..,

  13. I really wish I had seen this even a week before it was published – those numbers would have given me serious pause about SRS that I had on May 14 of 2013, to the point that I would have canceled due to the risk.

    I was one who was able to orgasm with ease until the day before I had SRS, and have not in nearly two years since. I’m lesbian so that hasn’t been an issue and, much to my surprise, my libido rebounded to somewhat higher than pre-HRT levels.

    I went to a well regarded surgeon and all. I’m just one of the unlucky ones.

  14. This is just wrong. No matter what you chop off, add to, rearrange, mutilate, you will still be the gender you were born. Regardless of the amount of surgery you put your body through. Most of you aren’t even passable as the opposite gender. You are viewed as a freak, which is the perfect description. You need therapy, A LOT OF THERAPY, not a surgeon.

    • Kelsey, why is this a concern to you? Are you getting the surgery? Why do you feel you need to butt in on the matter when no one has asked you?

      • Kelsey I am a transgender ftm and i’m going to go through it, i have had lots of therpy i tried to act like a girl for my parents but i was fed up with it when i knew that there was no way i could be a girl nor pretend to be, yes no matter what i add or take of my body i will still be the same. I will be a boy like i always have. I just wasn’t born with correct parts, i missing some and have a little extra.

        • Kelsey have you even seen a trans person after hormones and SRS? They are very very passable. I’ve seen men who you would never have guessed had SRS done. I’ve seen women just the same. You just wanna be one of these negative people jumping on the bandwagon to hate on trans folks. We’re just like you, but instead of being privileged to be born in our correct bodies like you have, we have to go get that fixed in order to even feel normal.

    • You’re a complete idiot. Totally undeducated. So, STFU and leave these people alone!

      It’s too bad this site doesn’t have a flagging system for these ignorant posts so they can be taken down. Trans people don’t need to be reading such discredited and transphobic rubbish.

    • You should really educate yourself before you speak on things you really no nothing about and your lots of therapy you would know if you had bothered to look to get Vaginoplasty that two letters of recommendation are required before surgery from said therapists.

    • This is wholly incorrect Kelsey. You can’t tell someone who they are based on their outer shell. Are you defined by your vehicle you were born in or do you exist under it and control it from the source of your being? I think the answer is you think you can butt in and tell people what they are. Which is WRONG.

      Bye Kelsey, go somewhere else.

    • Go away and leave everyone alone unless we ask you any Think and STOP BUTTING IN WERE YOU ARE NOT WATED

  15. You can find people who hate their limbs and want to amputate. “My arm has never felt like a part of my identity,” one says; “I’ve always hated my legs,” another says. These people aren’t complaining about birth defects or deformities.They’re complaining about normal, healthy limbs. Should they be allowed to undergo surgery in order to attain what they insist is their true identity? When we listen to them 6 months after their surgery, the proclaim to be happy in their new amputated body. But 10 years later, not all of them are happy. Some decided that they needed other limbs removed in order to be happy. Some decided that they didn’t like being amputees so much after all, and now wear a prosthesis. A few have committed suicided. And no study has followed them longer than 30 years, because these surgeries haven’t been available for that long. So did these amputations really make them happy? Or did they provide instant gratification to a confused desire that should have been treated with therapy? And of course, these amputees are defensive about their identities: “What business is it of yours to question my happiness? You’re not having the surgery, I don’t need your help pushing my wheelchair, so why are you butting into my life? Keep your apotemnophobic opinions to yourself, thank you very much!”

    • There is a reason why BIID is still considered a psychological disorder in the DSM-V, while GID was replaced with Gender Dysphoria, a psychological condition that is eminently treatable with long-term therapy and surgery.

      People with BIID mutilate their limbs to the point where amputation is the only recourse. There are no legitimate long-term BIID therapy treatment programs that lead to a surgical solution. There are however legitimate medical studies that conclude there are no regrets to having limbs removed by the vast majority if not all people suffering from BIID.

      Your entire argument is a logical fallacy. Comparing two disparate items does not lend authority or credibility to your point of view. These slippery slope arguments only serve to convolute a rational discussion. Do try to stay on topic.

  16. Hi, my name is Elle (like the magazine) I’m 40 and just began to transition little over a month ago. I hope to be on hormones soon and plan on surgeries both breast and full SRS at the earliest time possible. My consernes are will I be able to have any orgasem, it’s so hard for me to cum as a man I’m conserned if I’ll be able to as a woman. Second consernn is… I’m an ENTP personality type, my entire way of precipitation g and dealing with this world is based entirely on logic. The way I feel emotions are very limited. Concepts like love and other attachments are tricky, I’m conserned what will it be like to add estrogen I to a logic matrix. Any other ENTP trans MTF out there on HRT please weigh in and help me out.

    • This is not a simple answer, like yes you will or no I don’t think you will be able to have an orgasm. That ability is tied up with many other emotions, tis not all physical. The info I can give however is that it will certainly depend on how you view love-making &/or sex for fun (only way I can put this without long….explanations). Not being on hormones at the time of this post is another factor. Your ideology as well as personality type may change, sometimes it’s dramatic, sometimes not so much. The way you engage in sex will change, rather you’re gay or not, your partner & their level of understanding you. All of these factors and more will affect your ability to let go and just experience the moment.
      I could go into how many women (not to exclude men, but for the sake of this discussion), don’t always need to orgasm to be fulfilled. I won’t because there’s just not the space to handle that discussion.
      I’m an FTM (completely transitioned so to speak, for years), so yea it’s the other way around for me but I have a good grasp on how it feels on each end of the see-saw. Hormones, especially testosterone, is powerful. Please don’t anyone see this and call me on it because of a gender-partial reason, just trying to make a point….so, to continue..most of the guys I know once on T want sex all the time, more so than prior to taking it. On the other hand many MTF’s I have spoken to tell me how affirming it is to have sex/make love… than it was before HRT, and are willing to be more themselves and have fulfilling relations. This is really a subjective topic.
      If you had hang ups about sex in any way before hormones or SRS you’ll have them after as well. Don’t expect anything. Just try to be yourself and let life (or in this case sex), happen.
      One of the surgeries being done now with regards to MTF’s leaves “things” in place just maybe not in same location…again too broad a subject here. But basically you will physically be able to orgasm after, if you were physically able to before, rather or not you can mentally. Be sure the doc has an excellent reputation and you speak to his/her other patients who had same procedure.
      Hope this helps in some way!

  17. I really appreciate the original article and follow up posts. I am a parent of a transitioning FTM kid (17) who as far as I know, has never been sexually active. Sex has been and continues to be an important part of my life and I am concerned about his ability to have that part of a relationship with a future partner.

  18. [Ad hominem comments deleted by moderator.]

  19. so where do I begin umm… How should I tell my mother she thinks being gay is wrong. How should I tell her that I won’t to be a boy.

    • Hi Chasity. First, gender identity has nothing to do with “being gay”. That would be the first thing you would want to make clear with her. I would suggest getting in contact with someone at http://www.transactive.com for further advice. They are more experienced in helping trans youth than I. Good luck!

    • Chasity – being a parent of a transitioning FTM and hearing the “news” is difficult at best. A parent can feel that they are losing their son/daughter. Understanding though, that this was not happening to me and the amount of pain my child was going through made acceptance easier. Parents spend years thinking, dreaming, and working for their kids future. We have an idea of how things will turn out and this is a real game changer for how we thought things were going to go. We are fairly conservative with most things but have not had an issue with people being gay so my perspective is a little different than your mom’s; however, very much in line with my mom’s who is conservative Catholic. We approached this with a practical view in that, to us, being transgender is a medical condition in that your psychology and physiology do not match completely. We felt that this should be treated just like any other medical condition. Surgery and transitioning do not change who you have always been or will be.

  20. I found this post to be very informative. I find it sad to see the splashes of arrogance and ignorance from those whom think they know what is best for the suffering of another. Words can ever convey the struggle we deal with internally and I for one do not expect everyone to “get it”. I only wish peace at heart and love and happiness for those who have the courage and strength to endure the travel of their own road in life. Love and health to my evolving brothers and sisters.

  21. Sex is possible after change the gender female to male…

  22. reading through some of the comments, i find it interesting that a number of people, have a negative outlook on the possibility that some one can have a sex change and realize the true feeling of being in the right body,after spending a miserable life, with thoughts of ending it all, hopefully those same people will never have to experience the feelings of despair, that one goes through struggling with gender issues.and one will only hope that none of their future children have to go through it , without the help of a loving parent.

  23. I have all ways wanted to b a pretty female need a free sex change

  24. I’m sick of no being complete I’m going to California to get government assistants to get srs I’m ready and I never wanted something so bad in m life

  25. I’m Muslim and I have a lot to say about LGBTS. Some may or may not agree and others will be violently opposed. To each their own.

    If you are attracted to the opposite sex that is not your fault, you can not control that. If you feel that you are the opposite sex on the inside than what appears on the outside, there is no fault with you. You are what was created.

    You are normal, we are normal. It’s ok.

    Men have been found to have ovaries hiding in their bodies, women have had enlarged clitoris’. Men have feminine breast with milk like fluids found with in them! Women have been found to carry sperm made by a defected ovary!(half ovary have testicle) Fe/Male hormones are in both sexes and sometimes our pituitary glands get confused as to which should be more dominant. Why? How you ask?

    Our DNA as a species is evolving and mutating from the foods we eat, the drugs(legal/non) we use, the pollutants in the water, the mixing of humans from one end of the globe to the other, etc. We are changing. So many different variants come into play that I cant even list them all!

    To persecute some one because of how they are made/born is an evil act.

    Torah, Psalm, Gospel, and Qu’ran all say something very similar to this : ” You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.”

    What billions of religious people get confused with is quite simple. It is not the love that is an abomination or the act of sexualness.

    It is the offspring that would be the abomination. What kind of creature would be made if we put two eggs together? Or two sperms together? An egg an a sperm make an offspring. Two of the same would be horrifying! Think Dolly the sheep and cloning! This is what the abomination is……..fractured/spliced DNA.

    LGBTS people will never truly know acceptance until religions become transparent or obsolete.

    The “S” is for straight. We are together and one so I have included that as well. We are all in this together.

  26. It was a cruel pain the surgery itself, and sex feels like if someones pinching and pulling your balls skin. And alooot of sensations are completely gone. Personal exp.

  27. Nqobile am a lesbian I need to change from female to male how can I contact myself with Doctors who does this kinda work if u have information please help me here is my Number is 0638326761

  28. Do you feelings change? Like woman likes men. But if you are a transgender man, do you like still men? Ps. I really wanna to be that ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. About ten years ago, I had a sex change from male to female. Though very painful, I enjoyed the physical transformation from my male self to female self. But it took a long time to completely heal up and the dilation exercises to keep my new vagina opening from becoming blocked were very uncomfortable. It took me three years after my final operation before I thought of myself as a complete physical woman and began to seek male partners more as a way to experience sexual intercourse as a woman.

    A friend of mine suggested that I just let myself get picked up at an event I was going to attend to initiate myself into the world of female sex. I found a rather attractive man and at the end of the night, I asked him to come home with me.
    I was very nervous and to cover myself I told him that it had been a long while since Iโ€™ve had sex and was a bit embarrassed. This made him take it easy with me and concentrate on the foreplay, which I absolutely loved.

    Up until then, Iโ€™d concentrated on the act of having intercourse, which the dilation exercises were preparing me for. The foreplay was an added bonus and enjoyable.

    When he asked if I was ready, I told him to go ahead. He made sure that we both had lots of lubricant and then he got on top of me and slowly began entering my newly constructed vagina (though he didnโ€™t know that).

    It actually hurt quite a bit, but it was also a very strange sensation for me to have a manโ€™s penis entering my body. As I wasnโ€™t a homosexual when I was a man, I had no idea what it was like to be with a man. He adjusted himself and took his time and it went much better once I got used to him inside of me.

    Once he was inside of me all the way I actually enjoyed the feeling of being so close to him. I loved that he was on top of me and when he asked if he should change positions I told him that I wanted him on top of me the entire time.
    Feeling him moving inside of me was wonderful and I felt like a real woman. For ten minutes he was inside of me and though I didn’t even come close to an orgasm, just being hugged, kissed and feeling him inside of me was so very satisfying.

    He didn’t wear a condom and, as I wanted to know what it was like to have a man come inside of me. When it happened it felt very strange to me and so very surreal; like I was viewing a movie and not part of the action.

    When we were done, I remember getting up and going to the bathroom where I felt his sperm dripping out of my body. As I looked at my nude female body with the breasts and sperm leaking out of my vagina, I realized that I was now “real woman.”

    We continued having sex for several months after that, and though I never orgasmed, it was always enjoyable if only for the feeling of closeness. His penis wasn’t too big so it was bearable having him inside of me and in fact, it helped stress my new opening so that it was very flexible and no longer hurt when he was inside of me.

    When we broke up, I was at least confident now that I was a “real woman” who could enjoy sex. I’ve talked with many women and many of them don’t experience orgasms during intercourse as well, so I don’t feel so out of place.
    I can orgasm, but only if I masturbate myself.

    I usually don’t have long-term relationships so the issue of my sex change has never come up. I certainly wouldn’t deceive someone that I wanted to become deeply involved with, but for relationships that are basically sexual, it doesn’t bother me that they don’t know my history.

  30. Hi …. It has been 3 years plus since having my surgery and although I can have sex fine I have yet to orgasm. I feel so frustrated inside but I am not sure if anything can be done to help me. ?

  31. Hi Dee, I’d suggest asking the people involved in your surgery. If they can’t help, they should be able to refer you to somebody that can. Good luck!

  32. Thank you for answering ….. ๐Ÿ™‚

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