Domestic dispute leads to death of noted trans woman in Argentina

lauraaguilarTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Trans activist Laura Aguilar stabbed to death in Rio Grande, Argentina during an apparent domestic dispute with her ex-partner Carlos Humbeto Traberg.

According to TransGriot, Aguilar was among the first under the new Argentine Gender ID law to get an ID change. She is being remembered by her activist friends for her pioneering role.

Read the full story here: TransGriot: History Making Argentine Trans Woman Murdered.

At this writing there are no other English news report on the killing.


We can’t let our guard down, not even during domestic disputes. Earlier this year a trans man was killed by a roommate and his friends. Read about that here:

Tip of the hat to Monica Roberts.



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4 replies

  1. Horrible news. May Laura rest in peace and may we have a lot fewer of these stories in the future. Let us all be careful out there!

  2. Yes. Rest in peace, Laura. I hope your murderer gets the full arm of justice due him for murdering you.


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