UK woman cited by police for transphobic abuse of trans woman, trend developing

maddiehalsteadnewsTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Halstead (UK) Police cited an apparent neighbor for transphobic abuse following a hate crime investigation into a claim made by a trans woman.

On April 22, a trans woman named Maddie reported to the police that she was a victim of transphobic abuse by a woman whose apparent intention was to drive her out of her home. The police did investigate and last week, handed the woman a warning.


The source for this was woefully short in details. However, the outcome was positive for the trans woman. Although the abuser only received a warning, we’re seeing a subtle trend of trans people reporting their abusive neighbors and getting positive results.

A South African judge makes transphobic neighbor pay up:

Here, a UK housing association apologizes for transphobic abuse to a resident:

Halstead: Transphobic abuse investigated as hate crime (From Chelmsford Weekly News).



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  1. I would recommend anybody in the UK who is receiving transphobic abuse to report it to the police. Each police authority has a diversity team who will be sympathetic to what is happening to you and will take action on your behalf. Look on your local police authority web site and find out who is your Diversity Officer and contact them about it. Very often you will be able to submit a hate crime/incident report online if you are reluctant to telephone or go into a police station to report it.

    • I have had nothing but support from the local policing team regarding any hate issues i have ever had with people, I would say / reinforce What Carol has said about it, report it, do NOT suffer in silence

  2. Now, THIS is a trend we can applaud and encourage!

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