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  1. oh man, this a big can of worms to deal with.
    ok that said,
    1) for the moment give her.. the person the benefit of doubt.
    2) follow this story carefully to find out who what where why how etc.
    3) disclosure may be in order if there is an attempt to defraud/flee justice this way. (F#$R Sucks and unreprehensible (sp?)
    4) if this an attempt to cheat the courts… then Yes, i think it is a Fraudulent sex change. totally!
    5) reporting? truthful, responsible, accurate, unemotional, cold and brutally honest. as they said in Dragnet, tell us the facts ma’am, just the facts
    6) pronouns… geeee, presentation! but then…. oh boy. yeah….

    “Here’s my dilemma — do I disclose Rosalinda’s birth name or give her the benefit of the doubt?
    Another dilemma, is there such a thing as a fraudulent sex change?
    If so, how do we approach reporting on this?
    Most especially, what is the pronoun protocol for this?”

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