Radio hosts warns listeners of trans people ‘vomiting and crapping everywhere’

alex jonesLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Radio host Alex Jones recently unleashed a transphobic tirade against trans people. He says protecting the rights of trans people will result in them “vomiting and crapping all over the place.”

Another sampling: “. . . oh, you’re a trendy with rotten teeth hanging out of your head, and a weird bald head, you’re in a dress. Here, here, here, here, please, please more diarrhea running down your leg.”

Jones also insist there is a ‘pro-trans global mafia’ fighting for trans rights and these rights are just “fake rights.”

While inventing conspiracies and making outrageous comments is Jones’ schtick to fill his pocketbook with advertising dollars, I’m hoping this time it backfires.

[Trigger Warning]  Alex Jones Warns Against Transgender People “Vomiting And Crapping All Over The Place” If They’re Protected By Non-Discrimination Laws | Blog | Media Matters for America.

alex jones

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10 replies

  1. the idiot is not worth a comment

  2. That was awful and he should feel bad.

  3. Alex Jones gets all the stupid thoughts that everyone else discards

  4. I am a transsexual woman who up until know have been a fan of Alex Jones even if I haven’t always agreed with him. This is very disappointing.

  5. I have a solution, let’s send him out on the first plane to North Korea where he won’t have to worry about us trans girls being in public everywhere.

    • And better yet, you won’t be inconvenienced by having to exist in the same country as people who don’t think the same things you do! Awesome bro! (And I do mean bro. You’re a MALE.)

  6. He sounds like a chaser that got rejected , and more that once!
    If thats the headshot that he uses for publicity I can certainly see why!

  7. What happened Alex, did your Tgirlfriend throwup in your lap from the smell of you, or did she throwup just from the stench of the garbage that spews from your mouth?

  8. Just a disgusting human being (my apologies to people everywhere for classifying this thing as a ‘human being”)

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