Mayor orders arrested trans woman to undress, photographed naked at Lebanese city hall



THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — The mayor of Dekwaneh, a suburb of Beirut, Lebanon, ordered a nightclub frequented by trans and LGB people shut down and several people, including a trans woman, were brought to the municipal headquarters, ordered strip naked, then photographed.

Dekwaneh mayor Antoine Shakhtoura: “Of course we made them take off their clothes. We saw a scandalous situation and we had to know what these people were. Is it a woman or a man? Turned out to be a half woman and half man. I do not accept this in Dekwaneh.”

GBTQ rights organization Helem’s Charbel Maydaa said there was no legal notice given and that the police there already oppress trans and LGBT people.

There is no information as to what happens from here.

More: Lebanese mayor defends humiliating crack down on homosexuals: transsexual woman forced to undress | Al Bawaba.




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24 replies

  1. Shameful! Perhaps he should be ordered to strip naked but who would care to look. No one that I know!

  2. I am so shocked by this I feel sick. I do hope more info comes to light and people are punished. Severely.

  3. Appalling situation! This make me sick! So many of our “sisters” must be totally terrorized by this over there!

  4. I’ve never been so happy to have been born in the West.

  5. You have got to be kidding…. this IS America you’re talking about not some tin-pot Eastern European dictatorship? I’m so lost for words I’d better stop before I say something I regret

  6. Is he aware that there are people born with both testicles and ovaries? Who the hell is he to tell other people what to be anyway?

  7. [expletive deleted.]

  8. Why can’t he be stripped naked and photographed.? He looks like a pervert to me. Same difference, take a hard look in the mirror you bigot.

  9. It sickens me to think that people in power abuse that situation and allows this sort of thing to go on but on another note maybe he’s a pervert and likes his trans people being photographed naked in a vulnerable situation it’s still sickening either way…..

  10. Lebanon is not in Europe, Jane.

  11. What a douche. >:{

  12. It makes me sad that this happened in Lebanon, a historic nation full of decent people who have themselves been abused by other cultures for centuries. There is a big homo- and transphobia problem in that culture, and personally, I believe it is beneath them. Trans people in Lebanon are just as Lebanese as everyone else, and should be treated with dignity. Period. It’s gross and perverted that a MAYOR should think it’s necessary to see someone’s private body parts for any reason.

  13. they wanted to see his cock

  14. Hi everybody, i dont know how to explain ma situation here ,day after day i feel losing hope in life and feeling really destroyed.
    I present myself, my name is wissam “nickname”, born in 1985 and I live in Morocco, a Muslim country where there is no gay rights at all, we are now in 2013 and there is any homosexual law reform expected !!
    Since i was teenager i always felt that my choices and my way of thinking is like a girl, I dressed as a woman (in privacy) and so far I shaved all my body parts regularly .. in recent years I did my eyebrows and I tried to wear feminine clothes .. but i was firmly confronted by my family and entourage and I lost my job and all my friends just because i tryed to be me.
    I avoided having homosexual relationship just because the law is not tolerant;
    My life is wasted; prisoner in men clothes I find no taste to continue this life, get outside my room and see the world, nobody understands me, it’s taboo to talk about homosexuality here coz of religion beliefs !! I lost hope to live and I swear i start to think about suicide.
    I tryed several times to contact many gay rights comitee in several countries but in vain, they all told me that i have to be in that country in ordre to deal with me, i was seeking for a humain asylum.
    My relationship with my surroundings have become worse especially with my family, and one day I’ll leave home without knowing where to go.
    i need some one to help me to live my life in a country where there is gay rights, I want to live and work in peace, get dressed with respect and freely.

    PLease who can sponsor me 4 coming canada! or US please help*

    • If you’re not on FB, sign up and start joining transgender-related groups till you meet people that may be able to help you . . . perhaps eventually you’ll find a way to another country


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