Trans-unfriendly Idaho drops surgery requirement for driver’s license gender marker changes

fallssfgatecom337THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — In a state notorious for leaving hurdles in the way of transgender rights, the Idaho Transportation Department dropped it’s policy of requiring sex reassignment surgery before one’s gender marker can be changed on driver’s licenses. The department made the change after the ACLU of Idaho urged them to do so on behalf of two trans residents in that state.

Erika Falls, one of the people the ACLU spoke for, said: “I’m very happy that the agency agreed to change its policy, and grateful that I and other transgender people in Idaho will be able to get and use accurate identification going forward.”

ACLU Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Project’s Amanda Goad: “Requiring proof of surgery to change a driver’s license went against accepted medical standards and showed a fundamental lack of understanding of transgender people’s needs. The state has no business dictating anyone’s medical care, and we appreciate the Idaho Department of Transportation agreeing to stop requiring major and potentially unnecessary surgery as a prerequisite for obtaining accurate identification.”

This is somewhat of a surprise as a trans-rights petitions and/or legislation put forth in Idaho have failed, including one in Pocatello last week.

I wrote earlier of a trans rights ordinance in Idaho that failed:

More on the ACLU’s action in Idaho: Idaho Amends Policy for Changing Gender Marker on Driver’s Licenses | American Civil Liberties Union.



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2 replies

  1. Thanks for this, Lexie. We are moving forward one baby step at a time in our anti-discrimination laws. SHHHHHH don’t tell the unread!

  2. It’s about time, Idaho. (Even if it was the threat of the ACLU filing suit against you.) And, one big “THANK YOU” to the ACLU. Long may you reign as a champion for human and civil rights!

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