Inmate threatens suicide in a legal motion to force gender reassignment surgery

ronnydarnellTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Oklahoma inmate and trans woman Ronny Darnell alluded to a suicide in a recent court motion that could result if her surgery isn’t granted in her pending federal case — this is an example of why one should never be their own attorney. Darnell needs allies in support of her case however, she may have lost a number of supporter with this dubious legal maneuver.

Suicide is a serious and widespread problem in the trans community and is likely the root of many legal actions taken by trans people. However, a compelling case must be built up with documented evidence supporting the suicide risk. Just saying there’s going to be a suicide as a legal maneuver amounts to blackmail — even if the threat ultimately turns into action. The legal system cannot be held hostage by a suicide threat.

Ms. Darnell has recently asked a judge for an attorney and I sincerely hopes that she lets that attorney handles things from here on out. Neither Darnell, the trans community, nor the legal system will benefit from the negative PR from this. I’m hoping this incident blows over quietly.

More: Convicted Oklahoma rapist threatens suicide if state doesn’t give sex-change surgery | News OK.



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  1. I was thinking that this person’s suffering trumped the PR needs of the community, then I found out she’s a three-time rapist of a 14-year old. I’m all for her getting her full legal rights, but I hope she is denied this request, and fast, before any more local (Fox) news monkeys use the story to mock not only trans people, but prisoner-generated lawsuits in general.

    I feel your pain, Ronnie; I just don’t care.

  2. In many cases it is prejudice and demonization to trans folk which has brought the person to be incarcderated in the first place. I don’t know the whole story, be it negative press, yes the system cannot be held hostage to the suicide threat especially in light that recently there was a story that an inmate had indeed was granted the request.
    I personally do believe the suicide statement to be a reality and being locked up with another 2000 men and in the presence of them; the possibility of a ‘train’ being run on this individual is very realistic. This along with living hour by hour leads one the very brink of the edge of insanity. As you state; guess he lost support…

  3. If I knew I was going to be locked up with men, or that I would likely face being in Isolation for a long period of time, “for my safety”. Then I would probably attempt suicide prior to going to jail, or once there. I cannot imagine what it would be like to be put in that situation, but I don’t believe I would be able to handle it very well. I do not doubt her threat, even though she may have used it in an inappropriate way. Just having hormones taken away would be enough to send many over that edge.

  4. [Transphobic comments deleted.]

  5. Since this is the MAN who ruined my life I feel no pity for this MAN only pain and hurt. How many women do you know thar runs around RAPING AND SODIMISING 14 year old girls. He had no problem using his man parts before he was convicted this is a cope out.

    • Are you saying you were the victim of Darnell?

      • [Deleted due to transphobic comments. While all views are welcome, but please make post your views without using transphobic phrases.]

        • There are oodles of convicted female child rapists. Just check any sex-offender registry.

          I am not defending this person at all. (see my comment above.), but that doesnn’t justify even more gender stereotyping and spreading misinformation.

        • im not trying to be insensitive or rude but i am unclear about what I said that was transphobic please clarify so that I do not offend I am not a person that bashes others.

          • Are you the person that made the June 18th post?

              • Since you are a victim, I’ve been giving you some leeway. Your anger is understood. Generally we do not refer a trans woman a “MAN” (especially in CAPS) even if they are convicted of crimes. If they happen to be a convicted child molester, they’re still a trans woman. If for some reason you disagree that this person is trans, you can make your case for it without using a slur (man, he, it, et al.) because it’s a slur against all trans women, not just the criminal.

                Any person convicted of child molesting, trans or otherwise, deserves to to have the book thrown at them.

                I hope you you were able to get help, and good luck to you.

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