Michigan politician wants signs to warn people of ‘bathroom confrontations by men who think they are women’

Michigan state Rep. Tom McMillin (Photo: opposingviews.com)

Michigan state Rep. Tom McMillin (Photo: opposingviews.com)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — While city commissioners in Royal Oaks, Michigan work on ways to get a transgender and LGBT anti-discrimination ordinance enacted into law, a Michigan state representative voiced his opposition by saying that at the very least, a requirement of warning signs be placed on bathroom doors to warn women and children of ‘men who think they are women’.

Michigan state House Rep. Tom McMillin:

“At the very least, the council should have also included a requirement for warning signs on women’s and girl’s public restroom and locker room doors saying that women and girls may be confronted there by men who think they are women.”


Although the commissioners passed a protection ordinance, a petition stopped it from becoming law. One report says the commissioners may just put it on the ballot and let voters decide.


While transphobic commentary by elected officials on transgender matters are rather commonplace, the comments made by Rep. McMillin is especially harmful since it put many trans people at a higher risk for abuse or assault who might not have been had McMillin kept his mouth shut.

Transgender restroom use cited in lawmaker’s statement against LGBT rights ordinance | MLive.com.

Michigan state Rep. Tom McMillin (Photo: opposingviews.com)

Michigan state Rep. Tom McMillin (Photo: opposingviews.com)


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11 replies

  1. Oh yeah, that makes “perfect sense” because we all know how well criminals obey laws. I can see it now, some child molester wants to harm a child, and thinks he can go in the bathroom to do it, oh but wait, there’s a sign saying he shouldn’t. Well, obviously that will solve the problem. Is he also going to include a sign about churches saying, don’t go in there, there may be pedophile catholic priests in there.

  2. I’d like to see that sign on all of the church doors. One never knows if they have a pedophile priest inside of the church, so a warning sign would be an appropriate requirement. I wonder if Rep Tom McMillin is a Republican?

  3. I think Michigan State House Rep. Tom McMillin is an irresponsible, uneducated and dangerous bigot. I urge everyone to let Tom McMillin know what you think of him.

    Contact info for Rep. Tom McMillin is:

    website – representativetommcmillin.com
    mailing address – 124 N Capitol Ave Lansing, MI 48933
    phone # – (517) 373-1773

  4. What a tiny little dick this man is!!

  5. WoW Brenda Louise, you swing a pretty broad paint brush. I wonder if you realize that you sound exactly like them. You condemn them for their judgmental asinine comments about transgenders and yet you make the same type of judgmental asinine comments about them. No one likes a hypocrite, and there is no respect for one, it makes you sound no better than those you speak against. You probably never heard of the old Pogo comic strip, but this is a famous quote from it that applies here “I have seen the enemy, and he is us!”

  6. “Women and girls may be confronted there by men who think they are women.” Confronted? That has NEVER happened, EVER. They ARE women, period. More BS from ignorant scared idiots.

  7. Now that the cultural tides are turning and you can’t raise money by yelling about gay people anymore, he needs to beat the rush to yell about one of the only groups it is still OK to rattle the sabers at.

  8. I’ve been saying this for a while now. The rightwing jizzlobbers know they have lost the fight against gay rights. They know it… So Tag, we’re it. We’re marginalized even in the gay community, our numbers are so small that we are an easy target, and there’s so much disarray in the community that we cannot resist. We have a choice, let it happen like this for the next 20 years while things get progressively worse for us, or get off our damn “I’m more trans than you” high horses and work together to nip this in the bud.

  9. It would be difficult to find anyone more conscientious of and respectful of women in restrooms than a transwoman. They’re the last ones on the planet who would wish to make another woman feel uncomfortable in their presence. Bathroom fearmongering is a cheap attempt to garner admiration and support from women, as if women need self-appointed champions like these to “protect” them from alleged make-believers.

  10. What a nice man, protecting the poor, weak women of Michigan! We need more men like him to think for us, act for us, and make sure we don’t get distracted from our household chores!

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